Vorshlag Miata LS1 Alpha Project

If you have been following our projects for a while you already know that Vorshlag is a suspension design shop, and we strive to make cars handle better. Naturally several of our employees own, prepare and race Miatas, which have a factory suspension design that is superb to many other sports coupes and roadsters out there. You would also know from our previous projects that we love real, usable, reliable horsepower. We have been replacing BMW motors with GM aluminum LSx V8 engines for over a decade, because “LS1 engines fix everything”.

Can you guess where this is going? Making our own LS1 Miata is kind of a no-brainer! Sure, there are some other kits out there but we want to put our own twist on this potent combination, so we found a willing candidate and are developing our first “Alpha” Ls1 Miata using a 1999 “NB” chassis. Follow along in this thread and watch as this swap stars from the very beginning. You can also find this swap forum thread build-up on Corner-Carvers, SCCAForums, DFWMiata, and RoadRaceAutoX.

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