Vorshlag BRZ Build Thread

Well we got our hands on a 2013 Subaru BRZ, and since this blue bomber is owned by Vorshlag employee Matt, its here at our shop every day. We have driven it, weighed it, taken it apart, studied the inner workings and guts of the suspension, added 9″ wide wheels and fat Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and have plans for more. New suspension bits, added horsepower, and other improvements are going to be in this BRZ project build-up.

BRZ with 17x9

This car is already awesome but we’re going to try to pack in even more. Sound good? Then click here to read the first installment of our BRZ Build thread. So far we have it cross posted to corner-carvers, sccaforums, roadraceautox, NASIOC’s BRZ subform, DFWMiata, and Vorshlag’s forum. That pretty much covers a big corner of the BRZ public on the interwebs. Thanks!

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