AST 4150 Series Damper Announced

You can read about the all new AST 4150 Damper in this forum announcement, which has the AST-USA press release, many pictures, added details, and first-hand reports from prototype testers. This shock has the best of both worlds – excellent street ride quality and race car handling, at the turn of a knob – and will be is a game changer once again in the shock industry. The AST 4100 was already the market leader in monotube, race-quality, single adjustable shocks, and the AST 4150 builds on that and adds the best parts from AST, Moton, and GRAND AM racing experience all in one, affordable and upgradable package.

Vorshlag has six different car fitments of 4150 dampers being built in Holland right now and we should start receiving them in January.

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