2011 Mustang Track Tested with 430 whp

We took our 2011 Mustang GT to Eagles Canyon Raceway on Dec 10th and two drivers made laps in the car all day. It was a total blast to drive on track (2:03 laps in its full street set-up) with the added grip of the 275mm Bridgestone RE-11s on the new D-Force 18×10″ wheels at all four corners, plus the new power of the ARH long tube headers and the Vorshlag-built, custom, dual 3″ stainless exhaust. We also took the Mustang to our local tuner and it made 430 whp on their chassis dyno – no wonder its so much more fun on track! The last time we tracked this car is was making only 378 whp. Read more in the forum build thread.

We were also pleasantly surprised at the ample grip we had at this bumpy track, with the new AST 4150-style “DDP pistons” and custom valved shocks installed. These updated AST shocks are being built in Holland right now and Vorshlag has a lot of them on order (early 2012 delivery). At day’s end we turned the AST shocks back to full soft and drove home with impeccable ride quality. This shock provides “Jekyll and Hyde” type valving at the turn of a knob – with ultra-agressive and extremely digressive rebound valving when turned up, and soft cushy ride when turned to full soft. The best of both worlds. Look for more details about the upcoming AST 4150/4250 shocks in a press release from Vorshlag, later today.

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