Vorshlag wins at GRM Challenge!

This is our car with the CCW 18×11″ wheels (not used for GRM competition, of course!)

Vorshlag’s own Fair, Amy and Costas towed 17 hours to the Kumho Tires $2011 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge over Oct 6-8th, with our little BMW E30 LSx V8. We had covertly added a new “BMW Art Car” theme with hand cut vinyl a few days before leaving for Florida, and that extra attention to detail helped us place well in concours among the 48 car field, where we placed 7th in judging.

Then with Costas driving, and our hard work testing and perfecting the rather compromised suspension set-up, we won the autocross event! That was a huge goal for us, and it paid off in a big way when the Saturday drag race portion was cancelled, due to rain. The drag racing was attempted, but shut down after a handful of cars made runs, including us (it rained all the way down the drag strip).

In the end they threw out the drag times, and lo and behold the Vorshlag E30 was sitting on top! We’re extremely thankful to all of the volunteers that helped build this car, and would also like to thank GRM and the event sponsors: Kumho Tires, CRC Products, RacingJunk.com and NASA.

Left: Our 1st place Autocross Trophy. Right: Our GRM “shrine” at our new shop, with the Overall Trophy + 2010 Magazine Spread

You can read more about the GRM event at this forum post. This is an epic forum post that had to be broken up into 3 parts, due to size constraints by more forums. We have almost 1000 pictures and videos, including in-car video of our autocross and drag race runs, as well as video of other driver’s entries. Over the past 2 years of building this car, on the 5 forums we cross post the build thread to, we’ve now topped 500,000 forum views on this build thread. Wow?!

If this is what we can do with a BMW V8 for $2011, imagine what we can build you with a better budget?!? 😀 Vorshlag is now building turn-key BMW LSx V8 swaps at our new state-of-the-art facility, including BMW E36, BMW E46, and maybe even an E30 build or two. Shoot us an email and we can build your dream car.

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