More progress on STX Mustang

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks adding new parts and developing the suspension set-up on our STX class 2011 Mustang GT. We’ve installed lighter 18×9″ wheels (class width limit), gone back to Toyos R1Rs from Yokohamas, switched brake pads & rotors, changed the shock valving, added a cold air kit and a tuner with a custom program (first horsepower mods), installed an Eibach adj front swaybar, upped tire pressures all around, softened the rear spring rate and lowered rear ride height. Whew! You can read more about the suspension progress and see our latest autocross report (which had a hitch or two we fixed on-site) in the latest forum updates HERE. An in-car video from the latest autocross is also linked below. Thanks for reading.

video link

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