Vorshlag E46 LS1 Kits Shipping

Did you know Vorshlag designs, builds and sells a lot more than just automotive suspension solutions? We’ve been building V8 swaps for over a decade, and now we’ve got parts for the BMW E46 chassis added to our catalog (see the current E46 parts here).

That’s right, we’re shipping production parts for our LS1 swap kit made for the BMW E46 chassis. The wait is over… Vorshlag has the fix for your BMW motor woes! The E46 LS1 swap announcement is detailed in this forum thread, linked here. If you like our LS1 swap projects, subscribe to that (it is also posted on corner-carvers, Bimmerforums, and SCCA Forums).

In that thread we also talk about many of the new E36 LS1 swap parts we’ve developed in the past 12 months, and what we have coming next for the E36, E46, and other chassis. We will update this thread whenever we have any new V8 swap parts.

Gentlemen… start your engines!

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74 Responses to Vorshlag E46 LS1 Kits Shipping

  1. Dennis Grass says:

    would like to do a v8 in a 1976 2002 lsx can you help

    • Fair says:

      That is going to be a very tough install which will likely need fabrication work at the firewall, massive tunnel work to clear the trans, among many other challenges I can foresee. Obviously none of our E36 or E46 LS1 swap parts will fit the 2002 chassis, but we could tackle a one-off turn key install. Call or email us for more info.

  2. Fair says:

    Sure we can help – send us the car and we’ll send the invoices! πŸ˜€ The BMW 2002 chassis would be a one-off kind of swap, likely with some major firewall mods needed to set the engine back. We’ve done these “small engine bay” LS1 swaps before, like our E30 BMW. The E30 LS1 swap was tough, and the 2002 engine bay is even smaller. But anything is possible, with enough time and money. We could quote the turn-key swap – just shoot us an e-mail at info@vorshlag.com. Thanks!

  3. Adam says:

    I have a Bmw E46 2001 325Ci Coupe and I wanted to know if you guys over there could drop a Ls3 engine into my car.

  4. Darren Goulder says:

    I have an LS1 engine and box out of my wh Holden statesman
    And I own a e46 325i , I would like to do conversion , could you let me know price and what is needed , I am in Australia πŸ™‚ thank you

  5. Gerald Quail says:

    Have a 99 e46 automatic I would like swapped for a LS2 with a manual transmission. Please email me with quotes thank you.

  6. Bobby says:

    Do I need the e46 engine harness to complete the swap ??

  7. Jason Schmidt says:

    Adding to an earier post… Do you have a harness solution yet?

  8. jordan m says:

    I have a 2003 325 ci, in mechanic school and looking to drop an ls1 and 6 speed transmission. I’m trying to map out the project right now an was wondering if you had a listing of the required parts for what I’m mentioning or a website from which a project like this is listed? Please hit me up at scorpio272826 at yahoo

  9. Hedra says:

    Can that swap work for an e46 M3? Or is it still not possible?

  10. Ryan Case says:

    Would you be willing to offer a similar kit for a small block ford? Generally speaking parts are much cheaper for SBF’s and I am very familiar with building them. Do you offer information on integration into the circuitry for gauges? I understand that with any swaps sans BMW engines, there is substantial work to integrate the factory gauges.

    • Fair says:

      We are not interested ion making a small block ford (302) based swap kit for an E46 chassis. Our pricing wouldn’t be much different at all for the kit parts, which tends to keep the budget buyers from looking at our kits. Also, making a street legal E46 302 wouldn’t be legal in almost any state, as the engine typically has to be the same age or newer than the chassis. The last time a 302 V8 came in a Ford vehicle was in 1995.

  11. robbie says:

    would like to do a v8 ls1 or ls2 or a ls3 in a e36 1992 325i.
    dependt on wat it cost and if it possible. amsterdam nederlands

  12. Taylor Fry says:

    What about something for the Z4? I was going to fabricate my own stuff for it but if I can buy it already together…

    • Fair says:

      We are about to test these E46 kit parts on a Z4 roadster chassis here at Vorshlag. Stay tuned!

    • Fair says:

      We have acquired a Z4 chassis to do an LS series V8 swap on…

      We will document that swap on our forums starting in early 2015. It shares a lot with both the E36 and E46 chassis, and we suspect this “parts bin” chassis will work with our swap parts from one of our existing developed swap kits.

  13. Talal says:

    Hi guys

    Conversion looks great but the quistion is ..!
    If like i have E46 dose the kit come with ready to plug harness ?


  14. Yan says:

    I have a 99 e46 sedan auto. I looking into getting a new motor the same or faster will I be able to upgrade my v6 to a v8 auto? This is my first BMW project car I have been working on and off for about two years

    • Fair says:

      There are all sorts of options to upgrade your inline 6 cylinder BMW motor to any number of other engines for more horsepower. We specialize in GM aluminum “LS” series V8 swaps and we do make a swap kit for the BMW E46 chassis. The wiring solutions are not fully developed but we are starting an E46 BMW V8 swap in a few weeks and plan to develop the wiring portion by early 2015.

  15. Dan says:

    Dear Vorshlag
    Just wondering whether your e46 LS1 swap kits are compatible with right hand drive vehicles?

  16. Louis says:

    Any update on the wiring harness for the swap?

  17. casey says:

    Wondering what the price is for the e46 lsx swap kit…and do you have an adapter plate for the 5 speed e46 Tanny to bolt to lsx?

  18. Francesc says:

    Is the kit still for sale?

  19. David says:

    Let me know the cost please. I’m interested in full kit I have 2003 325i. Also do you have ls3?

  20. Desean says:

    hi I’m thinking about swapping a ls3 into my e46 will i have to make alterations to my engine bay and or transmission tunnel , also what things will i have to change on the rest of the car.

  21. Larry Quintana says:

    I have a 2001 bmw e46 and I would like to do a 2008 hemi motor install is it possible? If so how much? I’m located in Colorado!!

  22. JC says:

    Any word yet on the E46 Ls wiring for the can bus?

  23. Chris dietzel says:

    Any updates on wiring harness and drive train?

  24. Travis says:

    Did you guys have the CAN BUS solution yet?

  25. Timi says:

    Hi There, do you have a kit that works for RHD E46?

  26. Calum Stewart says:

    Hello I was wondering how much the complete fitting kit for an ls1 to BMW e46ci would be,
    Would prefer manual transmission thank you.
    Kind regards

  27. Faisal says:

    I have a 2002 330ci I’m interested in a ls1 swap please email pricing thanks

  28. ray randall says:

    what do you have on the 02 39 530i, and how would it be for a ls1 or ls3 swap

  29. Christian Chavez says:

    Were do u look for completes swaps for e46 bodys

  30. Eric says:

    What about the wiring harness? I assume this isnt a direct plug-in-play swap.

  31. Dana says:

    What is the general price to do a ls1 swap on an e46 sedan. It’s really intriguing πŸ™‚

  32. Justin says:

    Would this kit work on the 3 series compact ? I’m thinking about doing a project car and think the 3 series compact would make an awesome sleeper

  33. Bumby says:

    How’s the can-bus solution coming along? I know the ideation keeps coming up, but that’s literally the only thing holding me back from doing the swap.

  34. David B says:

    So about that Z4 swap…..got a link or need a Canadian guinea pig?

  35. Clayton Swint says:

    What about an e46 LSX swap with a 4l60e transmission instead of the T56. Would that need different transmission mounts.

  36. Brian Rummer says:

    Is their a kit to buy for a z4m coupe ls1 swap? Thanks

  37. Brian Rummer says:

    Is their a kit to buy for a 2007 z4 m coupe labs swap?

  38. Brian Rummer says:

    Was thier ever a kit pieced together for a z4 m coupe?

  39. Michael M Alnassim says:

    Hi I’m located in Spokane, WA. I have a 2002 BMW M3 that wants a LS1 swap. How far away from a complete wiring harness? We’re all BMW’s “gadgets” going to be included in the harness so they all work? Including air conditioning and such.

  40. Omar says:

    SO question, what exactly is needed for the E46 LS Swap? from what I know whats needed is everything in your stage 0 swap kit PLUS a drive shaft, and wiring. Is that all? because i am aware of a company that sells the drive shafts, and a company that is working on a full wiring harness expected to release within the next coming months. What else am I missing on my list? or is that just it? Just LS1, T56, Headers and custom catback, mounts for engine and tranny, Oil pan, Drive shaft that will connect to stock diff? and wiring. Does that cover it all or am I missing something else? Thanks

  41. Sam says:

    Would be very interested if your wirring harness was completed for
    E46 swaps. And was wondering if your
    Kits are compatible with lq4/lq9 engines (truck 6.0)

  42. Geoff says:

    Interested in doing a e46 LS swap. and am wondering if a manual e46 is required as a starting point for your kit, can i also purchase a Automatic if i plan on doing a T56?.
    i realize i may to get some bits for the centor console.


  43. eli says:

    I have a 2000 bmw 323ci coupe that I want to fix up, would the ls1 swap fit, or what route should I take to make my car faster.

  44. Christian says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask how much would you guys charge to ls1 swap my BMW e46 m3?

  45. keith mcconchie says:

    hi i have a e 46 318 i would love to know more about an ls 1 conversion as it needs a head gasket replace , being an auto electrician the wiring is something I’ve done in other conversions is the 4 cyl chassis a good choice or not , anyway if you could send me some info and pricing it would be great
    cheers Keith

  46. dumppuna says:

    Wow… thanks for sharing this chassis

  47. Richard says:

    hey fellas!!!

    i got a 85 e23 RHD in Oz.

    I want to put LS into it. Do you have a kit for it?

  48. TC Martin says:

    Where did you buy the motor mounts for this set up I have a 2001 325i I doing a 5.7 in non ls carborated I have everything but how to mount it in due to the steering arm please help

  49. erik skahl says:

    I have a 2001 e46 330ci, I was wondering if I could use the 5.3l motor with your kit and what issues I would have installing the motor and tranny? also what am all going to need for this swap

  50. Chase says:

    I have a 2001 BMW 330ci 116k miles runs amazing burns a little oil I’ve been thinking about an ls1 swap, I could probably do it my self but have no clue what to do whe. It comes to wiring, what would you charge to do this swap, thanks

  51. JUAN says:

    Just picked up a 2004 roller E46 325i, w/no motor or tranny for about the cost of a coke and a smile. The intent for the car is of course an LS swap, w T56, for a road course/autocross/HPDE track car. Looking forward to researching more on the swap thru you all, and ordering parts when we are ready!!

  52. luis says:

    Have you ever did a swap LS1 into a 73 Vauxhall firenza? This was done in South Africa to the same car by GM with the name Chevy firenza Can/Am. In the early 70s Gm built them with the z28 engine 5.0L and the Muncie trans, it was rated the fastest street legal car on the road.
    I am planning on finding the car and bring to the US and have this conversion built by someone that knows what is doing. Any idea on the cost start to finish?
    kind regards.

  53. Elijah Liserio says:

    Does any fabrication work need to be done to a 2000 325i auto, looking for ls1 and standard tranny, or if it’s pretty much bolt up? Looking into this as soon as possible

  54. Jonatan says:

    Do you have a solution/adapter for Chevrolet engine to the SMG gearboxes ?

  55. Mark Rice says:

    Can you do All Wheel Drive swap in e46

  56. Larry Stark says:

    What is status of Z4 kit? I have a 2010 E89 chassis Z4 with an N52 6 speed. It has CAN bus wiring. Do you have a harness solution

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