GRM E30 and Pikes Peak STi Updates

Lots going on in the last week around Vorshlag. We’re in the middle of a 3 week thrash to update Brianne Corn’s 2005 Subaru STi hill climb car before she takes it back to Pike’s Peak for the 2012 running of the event. Not long to install all new suspension, much wider wheels/tires, build custom flares, and replumb the entire car. We have updated the build thread on 5 forums, including here at Vorshlag, showing progress.

The Vorshlag 1986 BMW E30 LSx V8 project is also wrapping up, and we’ve done the last wrenching on that car. The splitter work was wrapped up, registration was procured (its now street legal), the interior was cleaned, and some outside pictures were taken for the soon-to-be-posted online auction for this car. You can see the final prep work in the build thread here on the Vorshlag Forums or on the other 3 forums where it is cross-posted.

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