FedEx Shipping Added

After years of offering many shipping speeds from US Postal Service and UPS, we have now added FedEx shipping options to the Vorshlag online shopping cart. This is an all new shipping option we’ve added to save you money. Check out the FedEx prices on your next online Vorshlag order and let us know what you think.

This includes FedEx’s world famous “Express” options, both domestic and international, as well as FedEx Ground and FedEx Home shipping options. Saturday is a regular shipping day for FedEx Home, which could save you a bundle on shipping parts that you absolutely have to get at your home on a Saturday (UPS is a big upcharge for Saturday delivery). There are some savings to be had over UPS for 1-5 pound boxes shipped FedEx Ground as well, and many regions are 1 day quicker than the brown truck.

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