Agent86 Gets Big Wheels, Tires, and Flares!

Although we have been busy this summer building our new shop and moving the business, we still took some time in August to upgrade our ’13 FR-S with some REALLY big wheels… 18x11s at all four corners! We have a huge 4-part forum build thread update showing the work needed to make these fit – and of course the track test to prove their worth.

We ordered Forgestar F14 wheels with their Super Deep concave spokes. We designed an offset that worked well at both ends, so we can rotate the 315/30/18 tires for more even wear,if needed.

We explore several “bolt on” flare kits, and picked one, then showed the various steps needed to install them. There is a lot of clearancing needed to swing a 315mm wide tire on the front of the 86 chassis, and the rear needs a good bit of fabrication as well.

Finally we take the our “widebody” 86 to the track and test it on TWO different road courses. We first drove 3 sessions on our test track, the MSR 1.7 CCW, and saw a huge drop in lap time from previous tests. On the same day we competed in an SCCA Club Trials event on the MSR 1.3, and won the class. Data logged video and first hand driving impressions are included in the forum build thread, of course. Enjoy the read!

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