New E46 Exterior and Aero Parts Offered

We have been buying, installing, and testing out a lot of new exterior and Carbon Fiber parts from various vendors on our shop E46 race car as well as some other customer BMWs. The testing has gone well on this round of parts so we added a new section to our web store E46 Exterior and Aero.

The E46 330 above shows off a lot of the new parts – the HARD Motorsport flares, AJ Hartman carbon sunroof delete panel, and carbon fiber hood.

The flares make the E46 non-M Coupe or Sedan (two different flare kits) fenders as big as the M3, so our 17×10″ Forgestar wheels and Hoosier race tires now fit this car without rubbing. We noticed the improved grip at the F1 track we raced at two weeks ago, COTA. Our little 330 set the track record and won its class both days, thanks in no small part to the wider stance and ample suspension / tire clearance. We preach that “bigger tires make bigger grip”, so now we can fit even more tire on this little car – and will be moving up to 275mm tires soon.

Anther project, this E46 M3 CSL clone V8 Monster, is showing off the AJ Hartman carbon fiber CSL style roof and carbon hood. This car is built around a massive engine (7.7L HPR built LS7), huge tires (335F/345R), and flares. It will soon get an AJ Hartman carbon wing – as will the red 330 above. For this M3 a 9.5 pound carbon hood and 6.9 pound carbon roof panel fit the build. The fit and finish are second to none, and the low weight makes the car faster.

We have used this AJ Hartman carbon sunroof delete panel on a number of E46 sedan and coupe chassis. This panel helps drop 70 pounds and gain 3″ of headroom in these cars if they come with the factory sunroof, which most of these cars do.

So if you have a BMW E46, check out this new section of our web store. And we added installation galleries for each of these parts, linked within each product entry. We’ll be adding more of these types of parts to this section and to other car models as we buy, test, and verify their fit and function. At Vorshlag we are picky – if we don’t test and trust a part, we won’t sell it. If we DO sell something its because it is GOOD.

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