Vorshlag FR-S: Suspension and Brake Upgrades + Track Testing

Our 2013 FR-S Vorshlag shop test mule for 86 chassis development has undergone two big upgrades and several tests to prove their worth since our last post in August. Before those mods we did a Track Night in America as well as an SCCA autocross, for the last time in stock form. You can read all about the following upgrades, track tests, and more in the latest 3-part update to our forum build thread.

A long awaited camber plate design capable of use with OEM springs for the BRZ/FR-S chassis is now available, which we tested on this car – which we’re calling Agent 86. Getting nearly -3° of camber while not raising or lowering the ride height was key to minimizing front tire wear and increasing cornering grip for road course or autocross use. This design also adds positive caster as well.

The Powerbrake 4-piston front brake upgrade was one of the easiest installs we have ever done, and the 325mm x 28mm rotor fits inside 17″ wheels, even the skinny stock ones (with a 5mm spacer). We document the install and impressions of driving with these brakes in the forum build thread.

After the prototype camber plates and new Powerbrake X4ES brake upgrade were installed we went back to our local road course to test these against the clock, where we found a 2.3 second drop in lap times on the same set of tires.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on this FR-S and have PLENTY of mods left to test before it gets an LS3 engine installed. Stay tuned for more, and catch up here with the development.


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