Vorshlag 2014 SEMA Show Coverage!

We finally had time to compile all of our pictures (781 in our SEMA gallery!) and thoughts and wrote this mega-sized forum update (starting here) about the cars and parts at SEMA 2014.

Vorshlag was lucky enough to have two invites to show our 2011 Mustang at SEMA, and showed it briefly in Ford’s 50th Celebration of Mustang area (above), then moved it to Optima Alley with the 100 other OUSCI 2014 competitors (below). We describe a little of what went on there in this write-up.

We took a lot of pictures that week walking the show floor, saw some amazing cars, and lots of new parts that the corner carving types out there might be interested in. Its all in there – just click this and start reading. Thanks!

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