S197 Mustang Build Thread Updates

After the massive 3 part write-up covering the 3 day competition event with USCA at the Optima qualifier we have done a number of events and upgrades to our 2011 Mustang GT test mule. Yes, we have already ordered an “S550” chassis 2015 Mustang GT to use to develop with starting this Fall, but we’re still testing new products for the S197 chassis in 2014 and beyond. Some of these have been covered in two separate S197 Project Build Thread posts, linked below.

May 15th: http://www.vorshlag.com/forums/showthread.php?p=57879#post57879
May 21st: http://www.vorshlag.com/forums/showthread.php?p=57882#post57882

Those are just the links to the Vorshlag forum, but these posts are also published in our S197 build threads located on SCCAForums, Corner-Carvers, S197forums and DFW50s. The May 15th post covers the installaiton of a new set of dampers from MCS that we call the “RR2”, shown below. These were tested at a track event held by TrackGuys at TWS on March 29th.

the post on May 21st covers an autocross we ran the car at with Texas Region SCCA. We were using this to test the street tire set-up with the new dampers, sporting the same BFGoodrich Rivals we used in USCA, but it rained during our runs and was a aquacross. Last but not least, this 2nd post covers the installation and mounting kit development of a massive new 14×72″ AJ Hartman carbon fiber wing for the big red Mustang. We go into the reasoning behind this wing change, and our next posts will show if this wing made the car any faster…

Thanks for reading!

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