Vorshlag Wins at Car Show and Autox

The folks at Vorshlag are always looking for new events to enter with our “project cars”. On the May 18-19th weekend we did a double header with a car show on Saturday and an SCCA autocross on Sunday. We ran in a new class for the autox, which looked impossible to compete it, and just squeaked out a win with our “jack of all trades” 2011 Mustang GT (which is primarily built around the NASA TT3 ruleset). The car show produced another win and a trophy for the same car. Who knew?

The autocross was a good test for a lot of new parts, with this being the first change we had to carve cones on the Torsen T-2R and Whiteline LCAs and relocation brackets. Good fun, and good test data. Our Mustang Project Build Thread has a write-up of these two events, a brief introduction of a new shock brand we are stocking/selling, and some pictures of various other new S197 products we are developing. You can read more about in the latest forum update, located here.

Oh look… more shiny toys! We are now a dealer for Carbotech brake pads, Centric rotors, MCS shocks, COBRA seats and more. As always we race (and stock!) when we sell, and only if it tests well in racing. Thanks for reading!

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