S197 Mustang Thread Updates and More

We have had a lot of forum updates in the past week. First up was a massive 4-part post covering product and race updates on our two S197 Mustangs, a NASA race event (with another win and TT3 track record in the books), and our own Amy Fair even made it on TV – with some interviews and race video of her driving at an SCCA Solo event, as seen on Mobil1 The Grid.

S197 Mustang Thread Update – Our build thread (co-posted on 4 forums) has been updated in a huge 4-part post, starting here at the Vorshlag forum.

A classic E38 series BMW 740il (above) was added to the fleet (which you can read about here) as well as a GMC Sierra 1500 (below) that will serve as the Vorshlag “shop truck”, used to ferry parts around from various suppliers and dealers (read here).

S197 Mustang in SCCA Solo: STX vs STU vs ESP? If this sounds like a subject you are interested in (if you can even understand that word salad!) then check out this thread Fair created on the S197 forums, located here.

Plenty of reading material for you to while away your day. Enjoy!

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