Mustang Autox, Aero Updates, Track Test and New Parts

A lot of ground is covered in this 4-part update in the Vorshlag >S197 Project Thread, which starts here. First up was an autocross where we brought two STU prepped Mustangs and an STX prepped BRZ.

Next we cover the aero re-work on our TT3 Mustang in close detail. Follow along as we fabricate, cut and bend the parts into the shape we want for more front downforce. We also show a new part we sell that we tested on track, the all-aluminum S197 Mishimoto radiator.

In the last part of the post we cover the track test, where the changes seemed to improve our lap times greatly.

In the end we show the upcoming race events we will be at or are sponsoring. Check it out – maybe something you want to do yourself.

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