Vorshlag now selling G-LOC Brake Pads

Many of you know that Vorshlag has tested many brake pad brands, and years ago we started providing Carbotech. This brand had the best “bang per buck” of a dozen pad companies we tested – their pads didn’t fall apart in high heat use, they had excellent longvity, didn’t have a problem with “de-bonding” from the backing plates, and had a great spread of compound choices. We also found excellent service and support from Danny and Chris Puskar, who were the two main faces of the company since 2003. When we called Carbotech we always got Danny on the phone, and were never disappointed. We picked Carbotech because of Danny and Chris, and we worked with them on many occasions to develop new car model offerings.

Recently Danny and Chris left Carbotech and started a new brake pad company called G-LOC Brakes, where they are now the owners. Not only do we want to congratulate them both, we’re switching to the G-LOC brand. They have brought their expertise to G-LOC and we are following the people with the expertise and not getting hung up on a name. What’s different about the G-LOC products? Not much – they are using identical brake compound materials since they have the same “compound” supplier, the colors and options are all the same, G-LOC has the same pad coverage, and the new company’s prices are just a hair lower than before. We have already ordered a number of G-LOC brake pads and they are shipping as quickly as ever.

If you know the Carbotech pad compounds, here are the equivalent compounds are for G-LOC.

Compound Comparison Chart (“secret decoder ring” )
1521 = GS-1 ….. This is the “street” pad that works great for daily driving
AX6 = R6 ……… This is the Autocross pad compound, more aggressive yet works well cold
XP8 = R8 ……… This is the first of many Road Course compounds
XP10 = R10 …… This is the first of many Road Course compounds
XP12 = R12 ……. This is the first of many Road Course compounds
RP2 = R14 ……… This is a fairly aggressive compound ideal for Endurance Racing
XP20 = R16 ……. This is a very aggressive compound ideal for Competition use
XP24 = R18 ……. This is their most aggressive compound ideal, and is suited for Competition use

We are transitioning our website entries right now to the new G-LOC part numbers, so if you have any questions please call Vorshlag at 972-422-7170. Thanks!

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