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Track Testing with Vorshlag's 2018 Mustang GT at MSR-Cresson

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  • Track Testing with Vorshlag's 2018 Mustang GT at MSR-Cresson

    We have started a hectic testing schedule with our new 2018 Mustang GT. In the first week of ownership it was autocrossed and driven at our chosen test track in bone stock form. We have a detailed development thread for S550s and now this 2018 GT linked in our Project Thread Forums here, but in this thread I will just show our track testing.

    With just a few hundred miles on the odometer and the stock, craptastic 234mm All Season tires I drove to MSR-Cresson for some Baseline laps. Track Test # 1 is shown below. Only change was some Motul RBF600 brake fluid and tweaked tire pressures. #500psi

    YouTube Video:

    The stock tires were massively holding back the potential of this car, but the brakes weren't doing the car any favors. We ordered this car as a base model with the 14" 4-piston front brakes. I could overheat the pads in 2 corners, so I took it easy - still murdered the pads and lost brakes after 8 laps. The stock pads were inspected (when replaced with G-LOC R8s) a few days later and they literally fell apart. 100% junk.

    In one day last week our crew installed Whiteline Max-G coilovers, Whiteline swaybars, Vorshlag camber plates and shock mounts, and the 19x11" wheels and 305/30/19 Bridgestones shown above. This is a 200 treadwear tire that is popular in the autocross and track communities. Spring rates on the coilovers were very mild (for us) at 400 #/in front, 550 #/in rear. Camber was set at -3.5° front and -2.0 rear. Very livable daily driver setup. We drove it to the track for Track Test #2, shown below.

    YouTube Video:

    Click the video above - the preview might show the earlier test, but it was a 1:21.733 for test # 2. This meant we dropped 10 seconds off the lap time from test #1 to #2. We did OK in NASA's TT3 class (3rd out of 6) in the only car not fully prepped on big Hoosiers and aero. Brakes are still underwhelming (we should have changed pads to R16 compounds) but we have a 380x34mm 6 piston Powerbrake BBK coming that should help drop some more time and give a lot more braking power. Still 100% stock power, stock aero. We have many plans, but will try to develop the car as far as we can on streets before go off the deep end...

    Again, check out the build thread here on our forum to learn more. As we do more updates and testing at this track we will update this thread.

    Terry Fair -
    2018 GT / S550 Dev + 2013 FR-S / 86 Dev + 2011 GT / S197 Dev + C4 Corvette Dev
    EVO X Dev + 2007 Z06 / C6 Dev + BMW E46 Dev + C5 Corvette Dev

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    Re: Track Testing with Vorshlag's 2018 Mustang GT at MSR-Cresson

    its been like 8 days since the last update... I need more