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2009 SCCA Solo Nationals

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  • 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals

    Here's the pics of the Fabtech Honda in ST that had a wheel come off on course.
    Terry Fair -
    2018 GT / S550 Dev + 2013 FR-S / 86 Dev + 2011 GT / S197 Dev + C4 Corvette Dev
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    Re: 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals

    That ST hub repair that was done in 8 minutes by much of the ST grid, with a spare from Hillis, was pretty damn cool.

    Here's our pics from the 2009 Nationals:

    Another big congrats to Mike Simanyi and his team of drivers for winning the SMOD and SML classes at the 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals! Did it in a 2WD non-boosted car, which was very cool. Here's a few pics:

    Mike drove the wheels off the car!

    Chris piloting the car in a semi-wet run (yes, a 2WD car won with wet conditions!)

    The hood is staying open via a special lightweight composite Euro prop rod, with elastomer wind retention strap

    Vorshlag camber plate with AST 5200 struts. Remote reservoir mounting at top left

    Warning: Winning your class at Nationals by large amounts can cause the condition known as permagrin

    Very straightforward setup: 300 whp N.A. power, 18x10s with 285 Hoosiers, 2600 pounds, great suspension, maximum downforce, excellent driving.
    Terry Fair -
    2018 GT / S550 Dev + 2013 FR-S / 86 Dev + 2011 GT / S197 Dev + C4 Corvette Dev
    EVO X Dev + 2007 Z06 / C6 Dev + BMW E46 Dev + C5 Corvette Dev


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      Re: 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals

      Interesting Note: He could have placed second in XP

      Just goes to show that you don't need an LS1 to drive an E36 in XP. Though I'm sure as time goes by that adage may fall by the wayside.


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        Re: 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals

        I wasn't particularly happy with how I drove. The car was faster than I was. Yes, I won ESPL. But my boyfriend was 1.5s faster than me on the East Course, and he is rarely that much faster than me in my own cars (whether it be the WRX, the green Camaro or the black Camaro). I think I need to stop driving the WRX like a DS car and start driving it like an ESP car.

        Some of my video :

        my best west course
        my best east course
        Karen Kraus
        2006 Subaru Impreza WRX (ESP34)
        IAG Performance | Vorshlag Motorsports | MODE Racing
        2010 NorthEast Division ESP Champion | 2009 National ESPL Champion | 2008 ProSolo L1 Champion
        2007 National DSL Champion | 2005 SouthEast Division FS Champion


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          Re: 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals


          Congrats on the win!

          After watching your videos... you need a seat and a harness.

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