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Vorshlag FAQ Camber Plate perches: OEM to Coilover conversion

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  • Vorshlag FAQ Camber Plate perches: OEM to Coilover conversion

    Vorshlag has been making camber plates Since 2005 and by 2022 we have 22 distinct car model versions we cover, with more coming every year.

    One of the key features of our design, beyond the massive and durable stainless steel spherical bearing we use, is the included upper spring perch with a sealed radial bearing that comes with every one of our designs.

    We don't make a "street" and "race" version - all our camber plates are capable of both, with long lasting components, easy adjustment, and SILENT use for a decade or more between rebuilds. To make sure the spring your suspension uses fits our upper perches we machine these in various sizes and styles. The OEM versions we make cover most of the camber plates we support.

    We also cover the three predominant coilover spring sizes with 2.25", 60mm and 2.5" ID perches, with two heights of radial bearings as well. The shorter single row bearing is 5mm shorter and recommended for race applications where every inch of bump travel is needed.

    We have tried to make our designs modular, to be able to convert from OEM sized spring to various coilover springs. And on most variants that is as easy as swapping perches...

    But there are a few new models where we have had to make unique versions of the camber plate design to fit within the tight confines of the OEM top mount + factory perch. Namely the F2X/F3X/F8X series BMW, G2X/G8X series BMW, the S550 Mustang, as well as the 86 Subaru with OEM springs.

    On these factory setups where we are trying to make a camber plate work with the stock springs and not raise or lower the car even 1 mm, we have to do like the OEMs and make our radial bearing upper perches FIXED to the spherical bearing holder. The shaft can still articulate but the spring "bends" with suspension travel - again, just like the OEM piece.

    So, unlike the majority of our modular camber plates, these handful of "super thin stack up" OEM versions have a large diameter radial bearing pressed into the perch and around the spherical bearing holder. These cannot easily be modified to work with coilovers... it can be done but it takes more parts and work than normal. Not just a "perch swap"...

    This image below shows an F2/F3/F8X BMW camber plate setup for use with coilover perches... and the different spherical bearing holder and radial bearing needed for OEM spring use on these cars.

    We wish the OEM's didn't try to make their top mounts so thin so we wouldn't have to do this, but it was necessary and it has worked well for many years of use on these models. But if you need to convert one of these 4 camber plates from OEM to coilover it is trickier than our other 30 designs.. call us for more details and costs if you have to convert one of those.

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    These short height OEM style perches can be found on these models:

    BMW F22/F30, F80, G20/30, G80
    F56 Mini
    A90 Supra
    Subaru FRS/Toyota BRZ
    S550 Mustang