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Default Vorshlag S550 Mustang Development

Vorshlag Weighs 2015 Mustang Performance Package GT 5.0 6-spd!

At long last an S550 Performance Pack 6-speed GT finally arrived in Dallas. Not the one(s) we ordered, but a stocking order GT with similar performance equipment. This has power leather seats (not the leather Recarcos we ordered) with Sat Nav, 12 speaker stereo, the bigger 15" 6-piston brakes, the 19x9/19x9.5" wheels, the works.

You have all seen the "magazine" weights thrown around, and like usual, the numbers are bunk. I swear these writers don't know how to work a set of scales. We see this every time a new model comes out - either they weigh a car with a full tank of fuel, or two people inside, or lead weights in the trunk, or just parrot the marketing materials they were given. Can they just plain dyno and weigh a car for us gearheads, PLEASE??

Anyway, Corey White, top salesman at Five Star Ford of Plano and Mustang aficionado, gave me a heads up that their very first 2015 Mustang had arrived earlier today. I told him him to NOT let the make ready guys fill the tank with fuel, and asked what package it was. Turns out it was very similar to what we have on order (still on the fence about buying one - more on that in a second). It is the FIRST GT 5.0 Performance Package car he knows of in Dallas, as there was a production delay on these cars due to some changes to the placement of the catalysts.

This 2013 GT is caged and has all the W2W safety gear. With one seat it is almost 3300 even

After finishing up with a customer's delivery of his race-prepped 2013 GT (built for NASA ST3, see above on the scales) we loaded up our brand new wireless Intercomp digital scales and rushed over to Five Star Ford to get that puppy weighed. Why? Because I'm a skeptic about almost ALL data on cars, and only believe what I can see on my scales. So what's the magic number???

Turns out this thing is about 100 pounds lighter than all of the numbers the magazines are throwing around. 3718 pounds with low fuel - which we want, as low fuel levels are easier to compare between cars and often can be raced at for Solo or Time Trial (depending on fuel tank/pick-up). This weight is with the "Trunk Junk" (TM) removed, which includes the floormats, trunk mat, and the emergency tire inflation kit.

That stuff came in at 13 pounds, and there's likely another 15-20 pounds in the trunk mounted sub-woofer. It is removable but they asked me NOT to take it out, since this car is their very first 2015 and going right on the showroom today. After we weighed the car Corey told me to hop in and we drove to their fuel pumps to put a splash of 93 in the tank. Then he hopped out and said, "You're driving!" How could I say no??

We went on about a 15 minute test drive, re-striping the streets of Plano in Pirelli rubber. The car drives REALLY well, rides very similarly to a CTS-V... good compression damping, firm but supple ride on the choppy concrete of Plano, and hauls ass when you give it the Go pedal. Motor feels strong for a zero mile car with similar acceleration to the 2011-14 GT or Boss 302. The PP cars all have the 3.73 gears and Torsen axle. The sticker price is shown below - which I'm sure Corey would sell this car for today. You can call him at 972-985-3600. And yes, he sells Mustangs and Raptors all over the 50 states. Tell him Vorshlag sent ya!

As always you can click any picture for a larger rez version

The ergonomics are spot on. I've sat in a couple of these but driving it was amazing. 6'7" Corey fits in here well, and my 6'3" frame was swallowed up with ease as well. The shifter feels GREAT and the lever is right where my arm wanted it. The steering wheel has a big FAT rim and gauges that were easy to read. The seats were good, but the Recaros are better - its worth the extra coin.

Loved the switch gear, the materials and leathers used were top notch, and the pedal spacing was perfect for heel-toe downshifts. Just a quick street drive, but I am hoping to get a few laps on this car Saturday at the Five star Ford ECR Track Day!

Left: 2014 Camaro Z/28 with A/C and 3/4 tank, sans trunk junk = 3835 lbs. Right: 2011 GT Brembo Premium 6-spd, sans trunk junk = 3563 lbs

Closing thoughts... this car will be a hot seller. We happened to weigh a 2014 Camaro Z/28 today (equipped with A/C, see above) and it was 3835 pounds with 3/4 tank of fuel. So the S550 is considerably lighter, which is good news. I was pretty upset after hearing the (bogus) 3850+ pound numbers being thrown all over the internet and had essentially given up on these cars before they ever arrived. That was probably a bit rash, and now I am back on the Pro-S550 bandwagon. Look for new products for this chassis coming from Vorshlag very soon - and don't worry, we're going to keep supporting the S197 Mustang even after our 2011 GT is sold (look for a post about this right after SEMA and the OUSCI competition). The dyno numbers for the S550 look very promising, and the Magnaflow exhaust gains were pretty huge (30 whp). The wheel/tire packages on these cars are SUPER heavy - we have a Forgestar CF5 18x10 that fits this car already in stock - so there's a lot of extra weight in the exhaust and wheels and power to be gained with simple bolts-ons already.

More soon!
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Default Re: Vorshlag S550 Mustang Development

Update for Sept 12, 2016: Long time no update. I have been behind on posting to these threads but here's a few pictures and items we have posted about on other forums.

One of our GT350 customer's had a right rear CV boot rip and let go and it looks like a rash of them. They all show evidence of a tear in the boot possibly from the production line, so its likely not a design issue at all. Ford is fixing these all under warranty.

I haven't posted many pictures of the GT350 cars we have worked on. There are many things that are well thought out and this chassis has some innovative solutions. One thing that caught us as strange was the plastic oil pan.

Some folks had been asking about the caliper mounting bolts, which are HUGE. They wondered if there was a way to add a stud instead, to keep from galling/stripping the thread in the caliper mounts on the spindle. I suspected that the closeness of the bolt head to the wheel might prevent that, but it looks like Tob has figured out the trick. Kudos!

Ford has been employing what we call the "scoop and flap" method of front brake cooling. This is something Porsche perfected in the 1980s and we see it on high performance cars all the time.

This starts with a front scoop that dumps high pressure air via a vent (see above) into the wheel well area.

Normally there is a "flap" that is attached to a control arm that directs the air stream towards the hub and rotor. The regular Mustang GT has this but the GT350 does not. Yet the control arm has the mounting bosses for the flap. Did it get left off for a reason?

Front brake rotors are large, here's the weight above.

There are mass damper ding dongs all over the GT350. It is amazing how much effort they put into damping the vibrations of this engine.

Rear underskirt has a couple of NACA ducts leading to coolers.

Another view of the rear as well as a measurement from rear wheel mounting surfaces.

We have rated the factory springs on the GT350 (left) and GT350R (right) in the charts above. We rated these at 1/2" increments on our digital rater. Many spring makers take the springs to coil bind, back them off a hair, and divide this load by the travel they reached - which leads to artificially high spring rates. We see this on almost every lowering spring on the market when we rate them what we consider "the right way".

This red GT350R (weights shown above) was out at the track with us a few weeks ago, when I was getting a baseline lap in our stock 2013 FR-S. We were at Motorsport Ranch Cresson (MSR-C) running their 1.7 mile CCW course. Pics are here.

The owner Josh hasn't done track events in a few years and just sold his Miata before getting into the GT350R. He drove in 3 thirty minute track sessions that day, hot and humid, and the cooling system did great. He ran a best of 1:25.22 but there was probably some time left in braking, as you might notice in the video above. Not trying to show a Stig lap here, just a regular guy making some fun laps in bone stock form on the stock tires. In the screenshot below and in the first lap of his in-car video you can see him passing me in the FR-S like I dropped an anchor (I was wide open throttle there!).

Some reference times for MSRC 1.7 CCW: My quickest lap time in a street legal car here is a 1:17.25 from 2014 in our NASA TT3 classed 2011 Mustang GT on giant Hoosier A6 tires + aero. More recent laps from March 2016 in my TTC classed 1992 Corvette (gutted, prepped, but nearly stock in every way) was a 1:21.9 on 245 Hoosier R7s. Ran a 1:27.6 the same day in our TTD classed BMW E46 330 (with cord showing on the 245 R7 tires). As for proper street cars, in mid July I took a stock 2016 Focus RS to the best of a 1:27.40 on the stock 235mm Michelin PSS tires. This same day in August I ran the 2015 VW GTI to a best of 1:28.10 on 225mm MPSS tires (stock but with our camber plates and a tune). I drove tour bone stock 2013 FR-S to a 1:31.90 on 320 treadwear 215mm tires.

So far I'm fairly impressed with the GT350 and R models, and once the price gouging ends these should make for fairly good track cars. I am heading back to Cresson this Friday to run the Focus RS on a 275mm Bridgestone RE71R on custom 18x9.5" wheels, with coilovers and a big oil cooler. Will also drive some laps in a 2017 C7 Corvette Grand Sport that we are aligning and weighing today. If Josh is there in his GT350 and finds more time I will post up the laps here.

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Default Re: Vorshlag S550 Mustang Development

nicely done
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