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Default New lower price on Vorshlag E36 LS1 driveshafts

In early 2012 we found a new, better driveshaft supplier (who our last source was getting the custom BMW rear axle 4-bolt flanges and tubing from anyway!) and the first units they have built for us look amazing - better than ever. I made a better drawing, spec'd out a few things that were not detailed before, and its built exactly how it needs to be to work with the LS1 + T56 for the E36 chassis.

With us essentially cutting out a middle man and purchasing these in quantity, our costs are now lower. Instead of pocketing the difference, we've passed along the savings to you - so now both the E36 and Z3 driveshafts are only $599. That's a $171 savings on the Z3 unit alone. All of our open driveshaft orders were fulfilled at the new, lower prices and have shipped out this week.

These driveshafts are also once again made from 3" aluminum tubing, as we have refined our drawing/design to keep the balance weights away from the E36 fuel tank (where it was close before). U-joints are all Spicer units (1350 up front and 1310 in the back). The standard E36 length T56 style units are now kept in stock here at Vorshlag. If you have a TR-6060 trans or a Z3 that needs an LS1 driveshaft, however, those are built to order so please allow 5-10 business days for those.

All driveshafts are sent out of Vorshlag in specially designed heavy duty shipping tubes, to protect them during shipping. This way the unit shows up to you is balanced and unbent. The above pictures show a pallet shipment but we've been shipping these via UPS with perfect results - for a lot less cost and hassle than a pallet via a lift gate truck.

All Vorshlag E36 LS1 driveshafts are built to the 4-bolt rear drive flange used on 95% of 6 cylinder E36 cars sent to the USA. If you have one of those rare cars with a 6 bolt flange (some 1995 M3 models) then you will need our 4-bolt flange adapter kit. Its easy to change, inexpensive, comes with a new front pinion seal kit + new BMW nut, and we have these in stock as well.

We've got two more new LS1 E36 products that should be added to our website this week (check here), and I'll post an announcement here soon.


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