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Unread 02-13-2012, 07:31 PM
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Default Re: Vorshlag Build: '95 M3 + LS1 + T56

Project update for Feb 13, 2012: Just a wee bit tardy, but a lot has happened on this 95 M3 development mule in the past few weeks. The engine has been in and out of this chassis 3 or 4 times, to test new parts, too.

This E36 finally got the LS1 motor installed for the last time today

This poor car was kicked around and stuffed into the corner of our shop for months in early 2011, moved to our new shop in September 2011, but in December 2011 we used it to develop new brake hard lines and other little optional bits for our E36 LS1 swap kit. I'm going to catch up the thread real quick as we've put the LS1 + T56 drivetrain into the engine bay for the last time today.

ABS Relocation Kit Development

As you probably know we like to relocate the ABS hydraulic unit to the left front corner of the engine bay, as the stock location (see pic below, right) is in the way of where we route the long tube headers. We already make and sell a Vorshlag ABS relocation bracket kit, which is a bracket + bushings and mounts we developed. This comes in 3-channel and 4-channel varieties... developed on this car in early 2011.

The hard lines needed to make this ABS relocation a drop-in were a royal pain to develop. These lines have gone through 3 rounds of prototypes and is finally ready to begin production. We had a hose/line company work with us on this set-up and they just built the production bend fixtures now - a complicated set of boards and contraptions needed to verify the fit for each of the 5 hard lines needed for the 3-channel ABS system. They are bringing them by our shop and I'll snap some pics of that.

Engine Bay Repaint

This car was purchased a few years ago without the original S50 motor, and the engine bay had seen its share of scratches, a big dent, and a few extra holes drilled. We also removed a few extraneous brackets along the way, to de-clutter things a bit. These E36 cars always seem to have some "rub marks" near the OEM airbox, usually worn down to bare metal, through the paint. Instead of just leaving it ugly Matt decided to invest in the work needed to make it look as good under the hood as the rest of the car.

Our fab man Ryan picked up some special welding rod and TIG welded the un-used holes in the engine bay closed, then he and AJ cleaned and degreased the entire area thoroughly. Next they added some metal glaze (spot putty) to some small problem areas underhood (dents, ripples, and holes that were patched), then re-applied some seam sealer to the stock locations that had been cut away. Next they taped and papered up everything and got it ready for primer.

A couple of coats of primer were laid down to the bare metal and putty areas, then the engine bay was painted with custom-ordered, OEM matched spray paint. The factory engine bay paint is not clear coated, so that's why it looks gloss-less (it matches the factory look).

This engine bay re-work took a total of about 8 hours, and a hundred bucks in materials, but WOW - it makes such a huge difference! Now the engine bay is repainted, decluttered, undented, and looks better than new. It really looks good with the LS1 engine in there (see top of this post).

The power steering hose test fit happened today and the production ready hoses and modified loop cooler will be going into the car tomorrow, as well as the production batch of brake hard lines. We will take pics and put them up in the next few days. Lots of parts were ordered for this build this week and its all going to be installed shortly.

Stay tuned,
Terry Fair -

Vorshlag project cars: $2010 GRM Challenge E30 V8 + E46 DSP Autox Build + 2011 Mustang GT autox/track car
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