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Coolant Tanks for BMW Swaps

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  • Coolant Tanks for BMW Swaps

    The E36 cooling system uses a mixing valve on the heater circuit that makes it more difficult to integrate into an LS coolant system.
    This requires a custom tank.
    We've never made these tanks as production parts.
    When necessary we've made custom tanks for full car builds that we've undertaken.
    These are one of many custom parts on those builds.

    There are detailed photos of us building a custom tank.
    Industrious builders could take them to a local fabricator and have one made.
    Photos are here:

    For later projects we used an existing off-the-shelf Canton tank and modified it.
    Photos of that tank are here:

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    Ok, that's a great mod. My friend is looking for ideas for his incoming E36 project. Got to finish installing the rack and bed cover from 4Wheelonline onto the truck before we can clear the garage.