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Vorshlag looking for a Subaru to test camber plates and OEM spring perches

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  • Vorshlag looking for a Subaru to test camber plates and OEM spring perches

    Vorshlag Motorsports has had the Vorshlag Test Pilot Program (VTPP) up and running for some time now. This program allows us to develop new suspension products with the help of knowledgeable racers. We use this program to not only help develop new products but also to expand our presence on the track and in various race series.

    The Program

    We have VTPP customers located across the country. Customers chosen for the program typically are testing and purchasing Vorshlag camber plates, Vorshlag shock mounts, Vorshlag wheel studs/nuts/spacers, or some other Vorshlag-specific prototype part. The benefits of this program are mutually beneficial to both Vorshlag and its customers.


    Customers will receive several benefits for becoming a Test Pilot:

    Discounted pricing on the Vorshlag part(s) being tested. Note: discounted pricing does not mean free.
    Special help/feedback/updates to the prototype parts
    An item of Vorshlag swag (hat or T-shirt)
    Vorshlag "Test Pilot" stickers in either black or white.
    Test Pilot discounted pricing for your online account 12 months on Vorshlag's entire online catalog
    Recognition on the Vorshlag Test Pilot gallery for being a Tester
    Preferential testing on additional new prototype products
    Free set-up help

    This time we are looking for someone in the greater Dallas-Ft.Worth area that needs camber plates for their GD or GR Subaru and has either lowering springs, Pink springs, or other lower than stock, but still OEM diameter spring.

    We have a revised OEM spring perch that fits our front camber plates and need a tester to try them out on. These are our second generation OEM perches. We try to make our camber plates with OEM replacement perches the exact same height as the OEM top hat, but because of the Subaru's unique mount design, even after pulling out all the stops it looks like it's 5mm taller than OEM - which means it is expected to raise the car 5mm when installed. With lowering springs I suspect that this will not be a huge issue.

    On the other hand, if you have tall OEM springs, and WANT more height, we can use a different combination of parts to add about 1-1.25" of lift incorporated in the perch and mounting hardware without resorting to spacers on top of the camber plate. But this time we really need a tester with a lowered car.

    Here's our original version with our Beta version of the steel GD camber plate. We've revised the perch and the plates are now red anodized aluminum.

    And here's a complete perch and camber plate compared to the OEM top perch. That raised cone design that goes through the strut tower top makes it difficult to get the stack height as low as the stock top hat. There are ways to get it lower, but it involves a lot of compromises that we aren't willing to put in a product that will be used on the street and the track.

    Here's a closeup where you can see how the perch was carved out of billet aluminum to retain the original angle at the top of the spring.

    And the bottom is contoured to accept the OEM rubber spring pad.

    These perches have to be paired up with our camber plates. The GD version adds 1 degree of positive caster in addition to achieving up to 4.0 degrees of negative camber. The GR version is similar.

    We are looking for someone local to the DFW area that can leave their car with us for the day. We will install the camber plates and align the camber and toe. We will also be taking measurements and photographs.

    If YOU want to be a tester for these OEM style perches and get a discounted set of camber plates, let me know. I'm looking for both a GD and a GR tester.

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    Re: Vorshlag looking for a Subaru to test camber plates and OEM spring perches

    Never mind... you need someone in DFW.