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    Vorshlag uses a few shipping methods.

    Because we are out in the country and don't receive USPS pickup service, we ship any USPS orders using a joint UPS-USPS service. UPS picks up and delivers the package to your closest Post Office. Then USPS takes it the "last mile" to your house. This transition adds some time to the delivery. And Postal Service tracking is not the most sophisticated. We only recommend this service if you use a PO Box that only receives USPS mail.

    UPS has been very reliable for us, and has had the best record of deliveries. Their tracking has been the most accurate. We have stopped using other private carriers due to the great service UPS has provided us.

    If you are overseas, we will only ship using UPS. Yes, we are aware of the brokerage charges they charge to get the parts through customs. We have tried other methods and they have dismal success rates with many lost packages. The UPS shipped packages arrive on time, and with the best success rates.

    If you have questions about shipping, you can email or call us and we will answer you.