Here are the current cars and automotive projects of Fair.

This is the current state of the Fair Garage. Sold the 2005 Corvette and my 1998 BMW 540i-6spd in 2005. Losing the C6 and the 540 were both PAINFUL (two of the best cars I've ever owned) but the sales were the right moves to make. The white BMW on the right is my LS1 BMW project and the blue car is out 2005 RX8. Crowded? You betcha. We are selling this house to build a new home with a 5 car garage/shop and some acreage. The house projects have gobbled up all of my car building time! This is why the LS1 E36 hasn't been getting much done to it in late 2005.

LS1 Parts Galore

Wall o Shelves


Driveway always full!

BMW 318is - V8 Swap Project
I purchased a 1993 BMW 318is to use for our E36 LS1 Swap. Vorshlag is putting an aluminum Corvette LS1 V8 engine and T56 six speed transmission into a light and little 3 series BMW. The BMW purists/snobs are aghast and the hot rodders are lovin it. It will be a fun autocross/street car when its done, but luckily Hanchey has been letting me race his M3 in the mean time, at many events throughout 2004-2005. Pictures and info on the BMW project will be chronicled on our E36 Project Page.

Before swap began

Interior shot

Original 1.8L 4 cyl.

Now with LS1 engine

I haven't had a dedicated autocross car of my own for several years, the last one being a 1994 Corvette Z07 I ran in SCCA Solo2 Super Stock class in 1998. I have raced in Mustangs and Camaros predominantly, but lately I have been fortunate enough to be able to co-drive in some neat sports cars, like Hanchey's 1997 M3, shown below. After a considerable hiatus from racing, I hopped in Hanchey's car and won the BSP class at the Houston leg of the 2004 National Tour series. We ran it a few more times in summer of 2004, then Hanchey decided to prep it for the new "STU" class. We ran the M3 regularly in STU in 2005 and I grabbed a trophy at the 2005 SCCA Solo2 Nationals - just not the right one, heh. We regularly trade off STU wins in the car, except for "that one event in Kansas". This car has been through a lot of chassis set-up stages and we're progressively honing it to a fine edge. Look for us at Texas area Solo2 events in 2006. You can see pics of Hanchey racing the same car here

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