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S197 Mustang rear bump stop bracket removal and relocating

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  • S197 Mustang rear bump stop bracket removal and relocating

    This is an extract from our 2011 Mustang build thread. We experimented with very wide wheels and tires, and eventually had to remove this bracket on the inside of the wheel well.

    ...We finally did the rear "bump-stop-bracket-ectimy". See, there is a little angled bracket spot welded to the body which has an integral hook slot for (I guess) transatlantic tie-downs (?) and that also has a flat spot above the axle-mounted bump stop to whack into. Well we removed that axle-mounted bump stop ages ago, and with a 12" wide wheel mounted the T-slot is completely inaccessible. This bracket serves no purpose for us now. It does, however, get in the way of the inside barrel when the 12" wide wheels are put down at full suspension droop.

    This is one of those special restrictions that go along with a 12" wide rear wheel (but not 10" or even 11" wheels - they are well clear of this bracket). You can work around the brackets with 12s, like we have for 2 seasons... or you can remove the damned things and no longer worry about the wheel hanging up on the bracket at max droop. This never once is an issue in any sort of driving, on the street or on the track track, but only comes int play at EXTREME droop (aka: only when the car is going on a 2-post body lift or being jacked up at the rear NOT by the axle).

    Nine spot welds later, the brackets fall off. If you use a spot weld cutter properly you only cut through the bracket itself (and not the tub). Then clean and paint the part of the inner fender area behind the bracket (otherwise it will be that green-grey primer) in a matching color you will never be able to tell it was ever there. Olof painted this area but we didn't get a picture of it all matching and pretty this time, oh well...

    We eventually put a bump stop relocation bracket into production. It moves the bumpstop from outboard the frame, to under the frame at the very highest point. Along with trimming the bump stop to about half height it allowed us to lower the car more, and run the widest wheel possible.

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    Good trick and write-up! We might do this as well.