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Feb 2011 SCCA FasTrack - Massive ST Category Changes!

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    Re: Feb 2011 SCCA FasTrack - Massive ST Category Changes!

    Originally posted by Fair! View Post
    The problem is, the STX &STU rules have always allowed BBKs... this sneaky re-write to note "same or more weight" nonsense is nothing more than a complete TAKE BACK of the original rule.

    Rules stability... chasing away existing and potential racers... this is a bad idea.
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      Re: Feb 2011 SCCA FasTrack - Massive ST Category Changes!

      Originally posted by Fair! View Post
      The RX8 has great brakes and incredible suspension, and can swallow 18x10" wheels under stock fenders with ease. If these cars didn't have such a turd of a motor, we'd all own them.
      I'll be happy to sell you mine and you can rectify that turd motor problem with a nice V8.

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        Re: Feb 2011 SCCA FasTrack - Massive ST Category Changes!

        Nothing in here since some of the car changes were outlined, but for now it's looking like the 08' WRX purchase I made when a total auto-X NOOB may actually work out.

        Terry, may remember me as the guy with the amazingly underprepared SM M3/25is that ran with him in DSP at the 10' Texas tour. (it did end up on 255 Star Specs with camber eventually and was trading places with a 10' STi on R-comps, so it did get substantially faster before I sold it.)

        With two kids and a stay-at-home wife, I'll never be able to compete in SP or SM with the $$$ I have available, so until the E46 M3 makes it to an ST class it can be competitive in, you can find me in STX in the WRX. (looks like my letter to the SEB and others were read, and rejoicing amongst 06-08 WRX owners will be had by all) Hopefully we'll be keeping the 325/328/330 owners company near the top. If it doesn't happen I'll be there anyway in a new-to-me 32x or 330ci.

        I'm curious, as it looks like the E90 3 series is moving to STX as well if the rules change makes it past proposal stage, is there any thought that one of those could be made competitive ? I know they're kind of Chubby.

        However it turns out, Vorshlag will also likely find an order for some AST's around the time the rules are finalized !
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          Re: Feb 2011 SCCA FasTrack - Massive ST Category Changes!

          Yea the recent ST re-org proposals have been coming out fast and furious in recent FasTracks. I've written a half dozen letters since February, too. I'm not exactly crazy about allowing 2.5L WRXs in STX, as this ups the ante on the existing AWD boost buggies, but at least they are somewhat heavier. I have liked some of the other suggestions - just wish they'd implement some of them already.

          The E90 is also a massive porker, and shouldn't be a trouble maker in STX. The 335i twin turbo version, however, is still staying in STU with the 135i twin turbo and the rest of the boost buggies. Personally, I'm all for keeping all of the turbo cars in their own "separate but equal" classes, especially in ST. Segregation, in this case, is a damned good idea.

          They will still get slaughtered by their AWD turbo counterparts in that class. Can't beat physics... when you have more power than you can use, and only 2 wheels to push it through, you will lose to the similarly powered cars pushing power through 4. We've got as much power in our STX Mustang as the boosted 335/135 cars could get to in STU, and we're struggling to the extreme trying to use even half of the 392 whp the 2011 Mustang is making.

          The limitation to traction on these 300-400 whp 2WD turbo Bimmers is the narrow, limited grip street compound tires used in ST. People will say you could supposedly fit a 285mm tire on these cars and make up the difference to the 245mm tired AWD cars. Nope, doesn't work out in the real world this way. These E90 and E82 chassis Bimmers can fit the the 285s in the back, but not up front, so they'd have staggered tire set-up that would make them tend to understeer, and they are still super heavy (3400-3500+ lbs... that's Mustang heavy) compared to the stripped out RS EVOs (2900), and that hurts them even more. The day we see a 135/335 BMW winning in STU is the day Hell freezes over.

          Probably the day after we win in STX in a 3500 pound Mustang.

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