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Branden gets Smizzacked!

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  • Branden gets Smizzacked!

    Anyone want to tell me what happened at the Denver Tour? Brian, I saw you were there, but not in STU. Any looks at the winning car or other stories?

    Mike Neary
    #27 STU, '95 M3
    Vorshlag Motorsports Strano Performance Parts

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    Re: Branden gets Smizzacked!

    You missed this:

    "I have the ultimate asphalt set up, I've got Neary's number."


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      Re: Branden gets Smizzacked!

      Yea I couldn't believe Hanchey would be so bold and then I read this:

      Originally posted by Hanchey
      Neary will get his a$$ handed to him any weekend, both days.
      WOW! That's some major smack talk if you ask me


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        Re: Branden gets Smizzacked!

        Well I won't see the driver but I will see the car and the car owner this weekend at the Pro. Mike, my car is doing pretty good now so if we blow this it is all driver error. =)
        '11 Mustang GT / '95 Frankenpreza

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        - Dr. Clarkson


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          Re: Branden gets Smizzacked!

          I heard from a KCR guy that Braden has to sell his STi now and will be searching for a co-drive. I'm guessing he isn't too glad that Jerry has been smackin' him around at regional events in Jake's evo all this year. lol

          I'm sure it's something life/business related... which is unfortunate.
          Jon D. Simmons
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