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Default Vorshlag 38' Gooseneck Enclosed Trailer FOR SALE

The 38' trailer we purchased in February 2010 is now for sale for $8900.

We have a slightly smaller trailer we're looking at, as we don't need the extra length inside of this big boy. The trailer is well priced - we have put a lot of time and money into this one; its a solid trailer that needs nothing. Hook up and tow with it next weekend, no worries. We've towed it with our Dodge 1 ton (SRW) 3500 Diesel dozens of times over the past 16 months, including 36 hours round trip to Florida and another long tow to Lincoln, NE. Not a single issue on the road, not a single blowout, etc. We've gone over this thing stem to stern and fixed every little issue we could find, using both our own labor and that of trailer expert Kurt Janish @ Janco Fab.

Main Features:
  • 38' US Cargo Gooseneck Enclosed
  • 30' on floor, 8' in attic
  • 2 7500 lb axles
  • Set-up for 2-5/16" ball
  • 4 new tires, 2 new wheels, 2 spares
  • All new bearings and brakes
  • Set up for hauling 2 cars* (see below)
  • Extra interior height (6'6")
  • Fully finished interior with fresh gray epoxy painted wood floor and white wall panels.
  • Aluminum diamond plate strips for tire placement
  • 16 D-rings mounted in the floor, E-track mounted on front walls to secure fuel drums or toolbox
  • Jost, model A400, 2-speed front trailer jacks
  • Wired for winch (included but not installed)
  • PitPall strap hangers, front and rear
  • Purchased Feb 2010, retitled in Texas, recent registration and inspection

This is a great trailer, over-built in many ways, and has some nice features and upgrades. It has a fully boxed steel frame structure that is coated. As the list above shows it is 38' US Cargo gooseneck enclosed, with 30' on the floor and 8' of length above the front deck. The interior height is 6'6", and its wired for 12V lighting. The exterior is red aluminum (the two large Vorshlag decals shown will be removed), and we had Janco Fab re-skin the rear door aluminum (Mar 2010), after old stickers were removed and peeled off the factory paint finish. You can see the old (left) and new (right) rear door skin pictures below, as well as the new LED rear lighting.

The trailer is a 2001 model that was used in Arizona and California (dry climates), and we bought it from the previous owners in Tuscon, AZ. They used it to tow two Porsche 911s but you cannot easily fit two "big cars" inside. We use it to tow one car with a LOT of room in front. If one car is short, like a Miata, then maybe you could get two in here - it certainly has the D-ring tie-downs for 2 cars. It is about 6" too short for fitting two BMWs, which usually have 107" wheelbases - fairly long cars. Its GVRW is 14,000 lbs and it weighs 7700 lbs dry (weighed it on certified CAT scales in 2010). Its a dual axle trailer with dual 7500 lb axles and new 16" E-rated tires.

The trailer has a clear Texas title, current Texas registration (renewed April 2011), and a recent Texas DPS trailer inspection (May 2011). The dual axle trailer is often preferred over triple axles, as it saves you on per-axle tolls and makes for a tighter turning radius without as much tire scrub. Triple axle trailers scrub the front and rear tires heavily on tight turns, which shows up in higher tire wear.

The trailer has been stored at Janco Fab since it was purchased; Janco is a local fabrication and trailer repair shop that local SCCA racers use. He noticed several issues when we first brought the trailer and we used his help to get it ready for Texas DPS inspection. These were some of the things he has repaired for us, including:
  • All new rear LED lighting and wiring throughout
  • New side marker lights
  • Replaced the brakes and bearings on both axles
  • 4 new tires, Falken Landair H/T, 235/85/16, Class E - load rated at 3042 lbs per tire @ 80 psi
  • 4 new steel 8-lug 16" steel wheels
  • Improved aluminum plated flip-down ramp for end of rear door
  • Re-sealed perimeter of roof
  • Resealed the altered front corners (increases turning radius of trailer and room to cab of truck)

We have also performed a number of upgrades here at Vorshlag in December 2010, including:
  • 1/3rd of the interior panels were replaced (some were slightly dinged or warped)
  • Various aluminum angle trim inside replaced
  • All of the interior side panels were painted gloss white
  • Floor was sanded then painted with floor-rated, oil-based grey paint
  • Aluminum diamond plate was added along the floor in two 12" wide strips, to keep hot tires off of the painted floor
  • PitPal strap hangers added inside, front and rear
  • Lots of little clean-up work down inside and out

Since I hate not seeing any "issues" before I go to look at something to buy in person, I've shown everything in the pictures. There's a crease in the outer skin at the upper right rear panel from a previous owner, visible in the pictures. There's a little "drag" scraping noticeable on the rearmost, lower corners, which is hard to avoid on steep inclines with long trailers. The side door had previously swung open and dented the side of the trailer at the latch, which we've expertly covered with an AST decal (heh). A little ding in some aluminum trim here or there, if you go and look for little imperfections. That's it. We've made everything else as perfect as possible.

I'm asking $8900 for the trailer, ready to tow. Please call us at the shop line at 972-548-7770 for more info.

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