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Default Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Well, believe it or not, the Vorshlag E36 LS1 kit production has begun. Pricing on various stages will be released online soon and the production jigs are mostly completed. Here are a few pictures from early production (i.e. - not prototypes). All bracketry will be laser cut and welded together in the fixtures, as shown. Headers are 304SS and CNC bent, then welded in a fixture as well. More details here, soon.

These fabricated parts above are made in conjunction between Vorshlag and Dallas Powerhouse (DPH).

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Default Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Those headers are seksi!
-Sean Martin
2009 Pontiac G8 GT
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Default Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production


This posting serves as our official announcement for introductory pricing for the much anticipated Vorshlag E36 LS1 conversion kit. Vorshlag Motorsports, LLC is partnering with Dallas Powerhouse (DPH) to build what will be a kit like no other. DPH offers fabrication and production services second to none. Vorshlag offers BMW suspension design, engineering and manufacturing experience, creating a combination that will produce the best swap kit in the industry.


What happens when you take one of the best sports coupes ever produced and mate it with one of the highest performing engines ever produced? Some have already called it "a religious experience". We call it the best performing, most affordable super car on the planet. Imagine a car weighing 3000 pounds with 500hp for $15-$20,000. You can easily build a car matching the performance of cars 5 times the cost. An LS1 powered BMW E36 creates a marriage that a manufacturer could never build. This may not be the first kit on the market, but it will soon be the best.

Design Goals

We've been listening to customer feedback over the development of this kit. The Kit reflects what we've heard customers want:
  • Quality - As is our mantra with our suspension business, the Kit will have no other rivals when it comes to the production quality. We've taken the steps to ensure we can build reproducible kits every time in quantity. No waiting for 4-6 weeks. Details like engine placement and angle were not overlooked.
  • Performance - The Kit will allow our customers to build "mild to wild" cars. Whether your goal is a daily driver or a dedicated track terror, you can build it with Vorshlag parts.
  • Flexibility - Some of the highest names in the aftermarket have asked for parts from our kit. We know that you may want to build your own parts and use just pieces of the Kit. Either way, you'll have the options available to you without breaking the bank.
  • Price - Since we are using production runs to build this kit, you will receive a kit that benefits from higher quality and similar price to other kits. We encourage you to compare our kit against others, the value for your dollar with our quality components will be readily apparent. We spent more on the Alpha car's hand fabricated headers than the entire Stage 0 kit's cost
  • Keep the BMW in it - This kit allows you to maintain the steering and braking feel that makes a BMW a BMW. ABS will still work. Steering feel will be OEM quality. Compromises to these two key BMW systems can ruin what makes the E36 chassis so universally admired.

The Kit

Based on our design goals, we've broken the kit into several stages.

Stage 0 (The DIY Kit or "I'm a big boy, I'll do it myself!") This kit includes the following:
  • Vorshlag/DPH Motor Mounts (Powdercoated, TIG welded with poly mounts)
  • Vorshlag/DPH 1 3/4" SS T304 headers (CNC bent primaries & precision formed collectors, 3/8" laser cut head flanges, aircraft based V-band collector flanges, TIG welded to perfection)
  • Vorshlag Spec'd custom steering shaft (Chrome-moly steering shaft built to withstand the extreme duties of this Kit while reducing steering slop and increasing header primary clearance)
  • Vorshlag/DPH Transmission Crossmember (Powdercoated, TIG welded with poly mount)
  • Vorshlag Spec'd custom driveshaft (2.5" steel or 3" aluminum, including U-joints, a T56 input yoke and 4 bolt BMW 188mm axle flange)

These production built pieces get the DIY'er the parts you need to get started. It is our opinion that the remaining parts can be done by talented DIYers, such as plumbing, wiring, etc. This gets you on your way to a running car without having to spend time and money designing and fabricating custom headers, drivetrain bracketry, custom steering shaft and driveshaft, etc.

Pricing: $3,999


Stage 1 (The Rest)
  • Cooling (larger capacity fabricated aluminum radiator, hoses, relocation of heater valve, catch tank)
  • Vorshlag ABS Bracket (relocation of ABS motor and brake lines)
  • Power Steering (hoses to mate to the BMW steering rack)
  • Throttle cable (necessary hardware)
  • Clutch hardware (remote bleeder and hoses)
  • Cold Air Intake (hosing and air filter assembly and heat shield)
  • Miscellaneous hardware
  • Wiring Kit (fuse block, wiring, pin outs)

Stage 1 is designed to get you up and running with your project in the quickest time possible. Most of these parts can be located and purchased by the DIYer. We're providing the packaging here as a unit.

Pricing: $3,150


Stage 2 (The Extras)
  • A/C hoses
  • Cruise Control
  • Header-back Exhaust Systems


Stage 3 (New Diff)
  • New rear subframe with custom built mounting to aluminum 8.8" IRS differential and half shafts

Availability and pricing for Stage 2 and Stage 3 parts are TBD. They will be sold individually or together as a unit in the first quarter of 2008.


On October 5th we will create an entry on our shopping cart at www.vorshlag.com/cart. At that time, customers will have the opportunity to preorder Stage 0 parts. We expect our first production parts to be ready 6-8 weeks after this point, approximately December 1st. Preordering will require a refundable $1700 down payment. The balance will be required when the parts are shipped. Customers interested in ordering Stage 0 + Stage 1 can express this in the comments section during the preorder placement.

Other Services

In addition to the kit, Vorshlag / DPH can offer several additional options. Below are some items and services we have based on the testing and R&D work we've done thus far:
  • Custom suspension packages with LS1 project specific valving (AST/Vorshlag)
  • Custom roll bars and cages (in cooperation with DPH)
  • Chassis reinforcement (for cars beyond 550hp; in cooperation with DPH)
  • "Turn Key" LS1 swaps
  • Proven wheel & tire combos
  • 400-700+ hp LSX engine packages (in cooperation with HK Racing Engines)
  • BMW track-only car preparation services. Sub-2500 pound E36 LS1 cars have already been built, and the power potential of modified LS1 engines seems to have no limit!

Where can I see it?

We'll continue to take the first Vorshlag ("Alpha") LS1 car to events throughout Texas, including BMW's OktoberFest October 1st through 5th. Stay tuned!

We are in the early stages of kit production and will release more information and pictures of the Stage 0 parts in the coming days, both here and on the Vorshlag website.

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Thumbs up Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Some production Stage 0 part pictures, starting with the headers:

Header and collector fixtures:

Chassis-side motor mounts and fixtures:

Production has begun on Stage 0 parts - get your pre-order in to get one of the first 10 sets! Two orders came in just this morning and we've got e-mails from a few more.

Stage 1 parts are being finalized now, using the Teucci-completed Alpha E36 LS1 as a guideline as well as improvements learned from competition and street use over the past year.

More production pictures: http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/gallery/3584229

Bring it!

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Default Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Yikes! The Stage 0 kits are selling "pretty briskly"... I guess this wasn't such a bad idea?

Thanks to everyone who helped/is helping making this kit come to fruition!
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Default Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Originally Posted by Fair!
Yikes! The Stage 0 kits are selling "pretty briskly"... I guess this wasn't such a bad idea?

Thanks to everyone who helped/is helping making this kit come to fruition!
GREAT NEWS!! Nice to see all the hard work being rewarded with good sales. Good job, y'all!

2001 Jeep Wrangler
2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins

BMW E36 DIY's:
Front LCA Bushing Swap
E36 Custom Cat Back
M3 Limited Slip Diff Repair
Diff Swap
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Default Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Some new Stage 0 parts to show off:

Custom BMW splined, 2-piece collapsible steering shaft assembly. Can't find the oddball spline that BMW uses? Neither could we - so we had custom billet chrome moly steel needle bearing U-joints built that were lower profile than stock. Then had them mated to a collapsible "Double-D" 2-piece shaft for safety. This allows for better header clearance as well as removes ample drivetrain slop by eliminating the factory "rag joint". Lastly, it makes header installation and removal a breeze, as it collapses once unbolted from one end for easy removal.

This part will also be available for non-engine swap BMW E36 customers, and something road racers have been asking us to build for ages. Well, its done and can be purchased from Vorshlag for $249 complete in the coming weeks. Of course it is included in the Stage 0 LS1 kit.

The final production version of the bolt-in transmission crossmember and mount for the E36 T56 6-spd installation is also completed, along with the fabrication fixture to make many more. This crossmember (the 5th, all-new revision between the Alpha and Beta cars) is strong, low profile and allows considerably more exhaust routing room than all previous designs. Flanges to be Laser cut, everything TIG welded, and the transmission mount bushing can be either polyurethane (red, not shown) or nylon (shown).

Stage 0 production is well underway and with these last 2 pieces finalized we should have delivery of kits beginning Dec. 1st. Still 2 slots left in the first ten kits...
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Question Question for similar application ...

Wow! I really like what I've seen so far with the progress of your LS1/E36 kit. A Chevy fan myself, having a very nice '57 Bel Air "Sleeper' (vote for my '57 if you visit the site) ... and owning a 2000 Z3 Mcoupe ( E36/8 ), I've oftened thought about dropping a small block Chevy under its bonnet. I would think the engine compartment in my Mcoupe would be very similar to that of your E36. Also ... How much trouble would it be to substitue an LS7 for this application?

You've got me drooling ...

Bellevue, WA
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Default Re: Vorshlag LS1 Kit - Production

Some production updates from the fab shop (working into the wee hours last night):

Some of the driveshafts...

Chassis side motor mounts...

More motor mounts...

We will be powder coating this week and shipping completed Stage 0 kits very soon!
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