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Default Re: Vorshlag RHD E36 LS3 V8 Swap Development

Project Update for October 12th, 2018: Today is the day we begin selling production Stage 0 kit for the RHD E36 chassis. Yes, its ready to buy now, and completed kits will ship within 2 weeks!

Click here to see the RHD E36 LS Stage 0 Kit for sale

We have been quietly and methodically working on the RHD E36 swap development, getting production parts refined and ready. We moved into a new shop in June 2018 and with that move came some new capabilities...

Our newly added CNC plasma cutter is being used every week to make production quality, precision cut steel parts used in many of our fabricated production parts - like these new LS swap kits.

This week we finished up a batch of the RHD motor mounts and transmission crossmembers. Those are heading to the powder coater tomorrow!

The biggest delay in getting to production was the long tube headers. We had a few iterations of header changes necessary to get from prototype to CNC bent and final welded headers

The clearances are tight around the starter, steering shaft, frame rails, and even the mounts themselves. But the production versions are set, the tolerances are tight, and they are ready to ship.

The stainless long tubes look good and have bigger primaries (1-7/8") than even our LHD swap headers, with no price increase. There is no downside to the slightly larger larger primaries for anything from 4.8L to 7.0L factory LS engines, or even larger displacement aftermarket builds.

These are made from 304 stainless steel, with intricately cast flanges, mandrel bends, and TIG welded junctions, in a raw stainless finish. These pictures are from our first batch of PRODUCTION headers, and we have a decent amount in stock. They will include a pair of stainless 3" V-band flanges and O2 bungs, which you will need to weld in place.

The production RHD LS swap motor mounts and transmission crossmember are unique to the RHD car.

To differentiate these RHD E36 mounts from the similar-but-different LHD mounts, these will be be finished in a different color than gloss black: metallic silver. I will post a follow up with production powder coated pics soon.

Not shown in the raw steel RHD parts above are the polyurethane bushings. These will be installed into the motor mounts (above left) and on the transmission crossmember (above right) to minimize NVH, while still keeping the driveline from moving relative to the chassis. These work well on street car and race car builds alike.

The driveshaft is unique length to this swap, due to a slightly more rear biased placement of the engine and transmission for the RHD car. This is to clear some unique firewall items on the RHD variant of the E36, and it makes for a slightly shorter driveshaft. We offer the driveshaft in two versions: one for the 1998-2002 Camaro production LS1 T56 and another for the aftermarket T56 Magnum, which is a different length and output shaft spline.

This is the driveshaft installed in our tester Jack's RHD E36, above. You can see the transmission crossmember in this pic, too.

That is also unique to the RHD E36, due to the slightly different fore-aft placement of the drivetrain here. These are in production now and we will have the first batch to the powder coater next week.

We are not selling these "Stage 0" items separately during the initial launch, but when this first batch of parts is gone we will make more parts and add individual items to the E36 RHD section. As always, we caution people from purchasing just mounts or just headers, as the headers/mounts/trans crossmember/driveshaft are all keyed off of each other, and likely won't work with other brands of parts. We have a few items in that RHD E36 LSX section outside of the Stage 0 parts that will help you get your swap on the road. We will add the ABS relocation kit and mounting bracket very soon there, too.

Thanks for reading!

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