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Default Re: Powerbrake Big Brake Upgrade Kits from Vorshlag

Powerbrake X-Line calipers are true race calipers that can also be used in long-term street and track day applications as a result of a number of additional design features that have been incorporated into the caliper designs. The X-Line big brake kit concept is to supply customers with a crossover product line that (when fitted with the appropriate pad compound for the intended application) can be used over a wide range of enthusiast and race applications including fast-road, track day and full race.

Powerbrake X-Line Calipers

To be clear - Powerbrake X-Line calipers are true race products. Machined from solid billet aerospace grade aluminum, these calipers feature ultra-rigid FEA enhanced designs, scalloped stainless steel pistons and type-3 mil-spec hard anodized finish typically only found in high-level works race calipers.

The addition of internal wiper seals and all stainless steel hardware (bleed screws, tube nuts, pad retaining pins, abutment plates etc) further enhances the long term durability and service life of our X-Line calipers under every day street driving conditions.

The result is one of the most versatile big brake kit ranges on the world market. Powerbrake X-Line = Works-level race calipers that can also be used for long-term street and track day applications (when fitted with appropriate pads).

Staggered diameter stainless steel pistons - which ensure maximum durability and significantly reduce heat transfer to seals and brake fluid - are scalloped to allow super-heated air to escape resulting in reduced operating temps and hand polished to a mirror finish on the outside diameter to assist in achieving maximum seal life. Ultra-high temperature pressure seals and internal wiper seals ensure maximum durability and service life.

High-tensile steel caliper cross-bolts provide significantly more caliper rigidity at high temperatures than cast calipers. All other caliper hardware (bleed screws, tube nuts, pad retaining pins and pad abutment plates) are stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. All logos and serial numbers are laser-etched onto the calipers which makes them impervious to damage from brake cleaners and solvents.

Powerbrake X-Line Rotors

The disc friction rings used in Powerbrake X-Line assemblies are cast from a proprietary high-carbon iron alloy, cast in Europe, that provides excellent durability and stability under the high thermal loads experienced during race, track day & fast road driving.

The discs feature curved, directional, staggered cooling vane design that increases cooling vane surface area for optimal cooling. The included 5 color Maximum Temperature Recording (MTR) rotor paint provides a permanent record of the peak operating temperatures reached by the rotors during use.

The rotor paint colors equate to:
  • Blue paint turns light brown at 527 deg F
  • Green paint turns white at 860 deg F
  • Orange paint turns yellow at 1022 deg F
  • Red / Pink paint turns white at 1166 deg F
  • Wide Red paint strip various shades from 219 2318 deg F

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