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Default Re: Vorshlag $2010 GRM Challenge car - BMW E30 V8

Originally Posted by GotCone? View Post

I'm mesmerized by your starting weight. Our '87 325is in similar configuration, w/o back seat, but will carpet and full interior, a/c in place, lighter than stock exhaust, AST 4100's, stock fresh brakes, no rear swaybar, and some 16x8 w/ 225/50-16 star specs was mid to upper 26's. So I'm just blown away really that you're in the 24's stock.

Still scratching my head... did the seller replace the shell w/ CF??
Yea, we've had a lot of folks doubting the weight, and a few people outright calling us liars on another forum. It does seem a little low, but the scales are accurate and have been re-verified on several cars. We think the low "starting" weight on the not-quite-stock 325e was from the following:
  • This car has some aftermarket carpet installed. BMW carpet is usually very heavy with inches thick insulation in some areas.
  • This car had some aftermarket seats already installed
  • The battery was missing so I swapped in a used Odyssey I had lying around that someone gave me for free (14 pounds)
  • The radio was completely gone
  • Wiper motor was removed (in the trunk but not when we weighed it)
We've since removed the stock engine, trans, exhaust, most of the a/c system, horns, bumpers + supports, hood and hinges. Its really light now! Of course the V8 + trans going back in won't be as light as what came out, and the 15x10" wheels and tires might add a handful of pounds, as will the final exhaust. We hope to meet our target weight without gutting the interior or removing any other items needed for a potentially semi-streetable finished car.

We've done a lot since my last update, and are scheduled to work on it again tonight, so maybe we'll have a forum update soon.
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