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Default Re: Vorshlag 2002 BMW E46 325Ci - Daily/Track Car - Project Jack Daniels

Originally Posted by rkneeshaw View Post
Terry, I apologize if I'm not supposed to post here, but I'm definitely following this thread, in particular looking for updates on whatever headers you build with race cats installed. In my opinion there is a serious gap in the marketplace for good flowing headers with cats. The only options out there right now are the OEM style "saucer" collectors, or catless ebay headers/supersprint reps.

I don't like how loud my car is with the catless headers, but don't have the guts to give up the performance gain and go back to OEM style... I want my cake and to eat it too A well flowing header with race cats would be ideal IMO...

Great thread, I love all the pictures, its very well documented
No worries - we welcome the feedback here.

Yes, we have seen the total lack of E46 non-M full length headers in the aftermarket and hopefully Vorshlag will be filling that need soon.

Lots of little things repairs and upgrades still going on with our E46 in the background, and when the next round of mods are done I will make another project thread update post (next week, I hope). Should have a baseline dyno run in the next few days as well, then we can start on the new headers + exhaust.

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