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Default Re: Vorshlag Budget TT Build: Project DANGER ZONE

continued below

So that means no worthwhile points for the TTC entry, but two solid "100 point days" for our TT3 entry, if we end up having the Mustang all season (it's still for sale). Four fresh Hoosier A7s (in the right sizes this time, yay) were won here, so we'll have fresh tires on the Mustang at TWS in April. The original set of 245mm R7s still only have about 8 laps on them in 2 race weekends and look great, so we'll run those on the C4 again at the next event (only won 2 new tires at MSR-H in this car).

So the smoking issue and metal in the oil pan can only mean one thing: the the 24 year old LT1 motor needs to be rebuilt. That's two events in a row smoking and/or leaking oil in the C4, and I don't want to get a reputation for that nonsense. I want the motor rebuilt, back in the car, re-dyno tuned, and a track test day completed before #DangerZone goes back to a NASA event.

The Mustang must have been weighed 4 or 5 times all weekend, but it was never close to being underweight. We gained some weight somewhere, as it was always about 70-90 pounds over the 3802 pound minimum all weekend, but I kept taking ballast out until we were closer. The C4 only made two laps, in two sessions, so it never had a chance to get called to scales. It was well over the 3203 pound minimum, as I kept topping off the fuel tank and the added mass of the front cage section was also present.

Left: Saturday TT Results. Right: Sunday TT Results

Official Results:

Last up, some in-car video from the Mustang, shown below. This was with a suction-cup mount on the windshield, instead of the roll-bar mounted I/O Port mount usually located behind the driver. I moved that to the C4 and should really just buy another one to keep in the Mustang. It makes for a better view and shows the driver issues (flailing around like I usually am).

In-car video of the TT3 winning lap in the Mustang

The lap timer fell off it's windshield mount, so I was driving "blind" without predictive lap times. I hate that, and never want to drive on track without the predictive timing from the AiM SOLO. That 1:19.1 lap was a solid 1.8 seconds off my 2014 pace here (1:17.310, still the TT3 lap record) in the same car, but that could just be the difference between a sticker set of Hoosiers vs a very old and worn set. It was still enough for the win in TT3 and 4th fastest for the day in TT. We had 6 cars in class on Saturday and 5 cars in TT3 on Sunday. Amy was quick Saturday but was off the pace Sunday, when the front tires fell off. Glad she let me take 2 sessions in the car, because we needed it. Still won by nearly 2 seconds but it would have been a tenth or two short with her late Sunday times.

On the photos - we took pics with our Nikon and my potatocam phone, but thanks to MohFlo photography for the shots they got (bought the digital files) and also to Jason Toth for the images he shot. Their stuff was way better than anything Amy or I took (maybe the one above was OK, which was from my potatocam). And the next time I want to bring to cars to race and DON'T bring any Vorshlag crew to help, somebody kick me in the head? That weekend was a lot of scrambling around, and I'm too old for this crap.

New Motor + Potential Protest?

Apparently my publicly posted forum build thread got somebody fired up and there has been a protest made to the National level, which I am assured that I will lose. It has to do with a few tubes in our roll cage design, which are deemed performance enhancing. Of course we can remove or re-route before the next event, but I am going to appeal the two issues. If we lose that at least we have time to correct this before the next event - where we could have lost points or gained a DSQ.

And before some of you call this nit-picking, I'm glad we found out about it before going to NASA Nationals and getting bounced there.

As for the motor, there are very clear guidelines in the TT rules on what is allowed and what costs points. As usual we will build the next motor to the limit of the rules, within the budgetary constraints we have set, and try not to make any more power - as we are at the limit right now.

I am also trying to round up a factory 1995-95 LT1 wiring harness and computer, which we can legally swap to if we do the swap completely replacing the 1992 EFI system. This newer computer will allow for BETTER TUNING on the motor, as the 1992 is a one-year-only set-up with very small number of EFI parameters that can be altered. Sean at True Street said the 1993 model year was a big jump up (nearly double the parameters) and the 1994-95 has even more things he can tweak. This will hopefully help de-tune any power we might make with a fresh motor as well as allow the engine run smoother. Still, the fresh TPS sensor and repairing the giant leak in the air intake tube already made a MASSIVE improvement in driveability and smoothness under power at MSR-Cresson.

That is what is so strange about the last event - the motor was pulling hard and the car ran strong, other than the massive clouds of smoke coming out of the exhaust. What is it they say? A motor runs best right before it blows up! Well this one didn't scatter, so hopefully the stock crank, block and heads can all be re-used when Erik Koeing at HK Racing Engines gets his hands on this 24 year old longblock. I'll have Olof do a compression check before it comes out (next week) and gets shipped to HK.

What's Next?

There are a lot of events we will be at in the next few months, but the first time we'll likely be able to run the C4 in anger is June at Hallett. And of course I want a dedicated track test that is successful and oil/smoke free before we go there. The shop is slammed right now and I'm trying to squeeze DangerZone on the schedule to have the longblock pulled.

We also need to do some.... test fitting of drivetrain parts... for a customer's upcoming C4 build. This will be the first of its kind, ever built in a C4. Its so crazy I can't even talk about it. Gotta finish his C5 build first, though.
  • April 24-26 - NASA @ TWS
  • May 2 - Cars & Coffee Dallas
  • May 3 - SCCA autocross @ TMS Bus Lot
  • May 9 - Five Star Ford Track Day @ ECR
  • June 13-14 - NASA @ Hallett, "Summer Shootout"
  • August 23 - SCCA Solo at Lone Star Park
  • September 4-6 - NASA @ VIR - Eastern States Championships

Since the C4 is down, we just finished the track prep and loaded the TT3 Mustang in the trailer. Amy and I are about to head down to TWS for the last NASA event ever at this track, this weekend. Its being plowed under soon to make suburbia even more crowded, yay.

Until next time,

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