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Default Re: Vorshlag Miata LS1 Alpha Project

I’m going to be following this build thread with a lot of curiosity. Since there are other companies already offering this swap, it will be interesting to see what you guys can bring to the table.

That said, when it comes time for the inevitable next LSx swap candidate for Vorshlag, I’d like to suggest an S2000 – the chassis is infinitely more rigid than an NA/NB Miata, it has better brakes (along with standard factory ABS – something that is extremely rare on NA/NB Miatas), and it can fit significantly more tire than an NA/NB. Prices on good early AP1 S2000s are very reasonable as well.

To me, the limitation on wheel clearance is the biggest Achilles’ heel of the Na/NB with a big power swap. Still, good luck and I’m interested to see what you come up with!

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