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Default Re: Brianne Corn's Pike's Peak Subaru STi

Here's what the crew chief JasonM wrote about the car in 2011:

Originally Posted by Jason M View Post
We bought the car just a few weeks before leaving for the PPIHC and had very little time to get the engine built. We used every bit of adjustability in the chassis and engine and every hour available to tune it on site in Colorado. Everything that was "stock" limited us somewhat and everything that was aftermarket was alternately genius or crap!

The 2011 version: The car is surprisingly stock. The tub is uncut and the only bracing is a rear bolt-in Cobb tower brace and the welded in SCCA legal road racing cage. The HVAC parts have been removed and a fixed firebottle system has been installed. Sparco seats (good) and some not-to-be named here sucky harnesses were installed.

Engine is stock block, stock crank, Manley rods, Arias pistons, MA Performance head studs, stock rebuilt heads, Grimspeed TGV deletes, Grimspeed coated and polished intake manifold, Grimspeed ported and polished throttle body, AWD Tuning modified WRX injectors, Warbro 225 fuel pump, MA Performance 20G turbo, Perrin equal length headers, Grimspeed coated up-pipe, TIAL 40mm wastgate, Perrin oversized topmount intercooler, Samco inlet pipe, Grimspeed electronic boost controller, APS intake, Cobb catless downpipe, Cobb exhaust, Exidy stage 1 street clutch, Amsoil Dominator racing oil. The engine was run on Hyperfuels E-95. We did use DEI heat wrap on the header and a Fluidyne radiator. With a custom AWD Tuning tune loaded onto the OEM ECU it produced 358 hp at 5745 rpm and 400 ft/lbs at 4349 rpm.

The transmisison, center diff, rear diff, diff controller, axles, hubs, etc were all stock except for Amsoil lubricants. We did use a Kartboy pitchmount and TurnInConcepts shift bushing kit and transmission mount bushings and diff outrigger bushings. We didn't have time to install some of the other bushings they provided. Vorshlag gave us lots of parts, but we only had time to install their studs and lug nuts. Their fantastic camber plates will replace the Tein units soon.

The suspension was Tein Ultimate Spec Circuit Master Super Racing struts with camber plates and we removed the antisway bars. It's wasn't ideal, but we made it work. The rear trailing and lateral arms are Cusco pilloball arms. Front arms/subframe had an anti lift installed.

The brakes were stock except for the DBA lightweight two-piece front rotors and Hawk DTC-60 pads. We did modify the original handbrake handle to lengthen it and make it non-locking.

The steering wheel is a Sparco suede racing model with their keyed weld-on quick release.

The race-day tires and wheels are Volks CE-28 Time Attacks in 17x8.5 with custom hand grooved Hoosier A6 tires in 245/40-17.

The engine, turbo and tune produced an amazingly flat torque curve and was easy to drive with the stock transmission ratios. The suspension, tires and grooving took a lot of time to get right. We had just got the car bolted together and had no debugging time before arriving in Colorado, so we paid to use Pikes Peak International Raceway for testing days in addition to our practice days.
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