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Default Re: Vorshlag 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 - auto-x/track build

Originally Posted by murph View Post
Do you have plans to take advantage of any of the STX Solid-axle suspension allowances? I'm not real familiar with how they work or what advantage they'd give, but I'd think if they help offset the crappy rear end that that would be an important part of the build.
The stock rear suspension set-up looks pretty good, for a solid axle RWD car, from a basic geometry perspective. The 3 link and panhard bar are so much better than the "opposed 4 link/quadra-shock" mess that SN95/Fox3 was stuck with for nearly 3 decades. The S197 rear suspension is much more "Camaro-like" (3rd/4th gen Camaro) than Mustang-like. Not surprisingly it weighs similar to what the 4th gen Camaro did, and can fit similar wheel/tire sizes. And makes similar power. Really, the 2011 is pretty much an updated 4th gen Camaro (what GM should have built, not the 3800 pound parade float with zero visibility and IRS!).

I need to read up on the solid axle allowances in ST*, but I think they are similar to SP, right? Torque arm, panhard, watts link are all allowed. If anything we'll look into the watts link. There's some other tid-bits we have planned on the rear suspension we'll talk about soon as well.

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