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Default Re: McCall's Z3 M Roadtser LS1 Project

Update for Jan 26, 2010: Long time no update! After buying, modding and racing the old Vorshlag E30 318is several months ago, McCall has actually been working on this Z3 LS1 project and fits and spurts, with the majority of the progress happening late in 2009. Some old friends flew into town and they spent much of a weekend installing some rear suspension bits. The car now has the rear diff and suspension back in the car, after some much needed fab cleanup and new offset camber adjustment bolts (from Ireland, who source them from an E39 BMW 5-series).

Fuel system upgrades underway

He and friend Ed tackled some early fuel system upgrades, adding billet fuel rails, a Fuel Pressure Regulator, and started running -4 braided feed and return lines from the stock tank to.... somewhere. (ignore the caption above that says -8 lines). A gaggle of fittings and line sizes are needed to finish this out. After a brief sidetrack with a potential custom fuel cell (crazy!), and a slight intervention for sanity, the fuel system plan now looks more thought out. An existing Wlabro 255 lph in-tank pump will round out the fuel system, as well as (I hope?) some upgraded injectors and an LS6 intake.

FAST fuel rails and Aeromotive FP regulator shown installed

I stopped by on the 26th and brought a "standard E36 length" T56/LS1 swap driveshaft we had built for a customer that week, mocking it up onto the transmission and measuring for fit into the Z3 chassis. The Z3 driveshaft is nearly 10" shorter, but as you can see the shifter location is moved several inches forward of the stock location (which "feels" fine when sitting in the car, actually). The steering shaft also needs to be substantially longer, but all our other Vorshlag E36 LS1 swap parts work in the Z3 without modification, including the headers, motor mounts and trans crossmember.

Right: I need to make a longer 2-piece steering shaft to attach to the U-joints he purchased from us

I'm building the driveshaft this week and will take pics of it in the car soon. Also have to make a longer steering shaft. The driveshaft and the final work on the fuel system are the last things needed before tackling the wiring and other plumbing issues (fuel, coolant, brakes). Then... its time to put the wheels back on, fill up the fluids, and crank it.

Lots to do...

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