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Default Re: McCall's Z3 M Roadtser LS1 Project

Originally Posted by Thinkkker View Post
From the way it sounds this is going to be a race car. Is this correct?
Uhh, yea. It quit being a street car before he bought it. Although, you never know with McCall. I think he's going to reinstall the dash and maybe the center console (that's all it needs to meet the "modified" class for Redline Time Attack!).

Here's a brief summary on this car/project that McCall posted on 5/4/2009 over on Bimmerforums, after I started his project thread there:

Originally Posted by McCall
Thanks for prodding me enough and finally starting a build thread for me Fair. I just didn't want to start a thread too early as I knew work would be limited quite a bit this last year and didn't want to have one of those project started threads that never gets finished and the poster just disappears. My job also has me traveling a bunch so there may be some time between posts. My schedule is getting a bit lighter plus parts are starting to come together so things should continue to move along in the next few months so now it makes sense to start posting up about the project.

The car - '00 M Roadster, 24k original miles. Now before you BMW purists start, this car has lead a very rough life and was a partially disassembled rolling chassis plus cut up a bit before I got a hold of it. Basically it was no spring chicken! The car came with full complement of chassis upgrades (coil-overs, dual-tab diff mount), the afore mentioned CCWs, TC Kline carbon fiber hood, Fluiddyne radiator, and matching hardtop (no I'm not selling it)

Plans - Dual purpose SCCA X-Prepared autoxer plus a NASA TTU Time Trialer. The car will still be "streetable" but overall it will be a pretty much gutted out dedicated race car. I will retain the dash and some semblance of interior pieces though.

Project Timeline - The goal right now is to have the car running around the autox course by August. Will it be completely finished by then? Heck no but at least it will be moving quickly under its own power and I can start to work out the bugs. After it runs a few local events, I'll start on the full cage and a bunch of other upgrades that will allow the car to compete in time trials.

First off, big thanks to the Vorshlag boys for helping to brainstorming this project idea and then getting/building the right parts for the job. *Big disclaimer* - both Fair and Hanchey are long time friends of mine going back 20 years so this thread, of course, will be biased toward their kit.

As Fair stated, this past weekend saw some great strides as we confirmed that not only the E36 motor mounts worked in the Roadster, but both the tranny crossmember and the headers fit as well with no modifications! So anyone wanting to do a Z3 roadster (or Coupe- please someone do a Coupe!), the Vorshlag LS1 E36 kit is a "bolt-in". The only part I will not be able to use from their off-the-shelf kit is the driveshaft, but I'm going to use their same Vendor. The length is going to be the only the difference. I'll post up pics and dimensions here once that part is ordered/delivered. Vomo will probably take that info and be able to offer it in a Z3 kit Iím sure.

I'll continue to use this tread to post updates and pictures as the car starts to come together. After I get the headers, steering, and front end back on the car, the next step is to work on the all new fuel system (maybe a fuel cell??), then I'll re-do all the brake lines, cooling system, then I'll finally tackle the complete wiring harness.

The previous owner of this car also posted this video, from when they had the car running an S52 with a huge turbo (11.1@130 mph drag race pass.

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