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Default McCall's Z3 M Roadtser LS1 Project

Jason is very busy so I figured I'd start a build thread for his car and let him do the updates from here on out. We got a lot done on Saturday morning so the project is in full swing!

As purchased the car had some great parts (and some messes to fix) but no motor

This car was a former autocross/drag car with a turbo BMW 6. It was for sale with all sorts of go fast goodies but no motor, and Jason grabbed it up for a V8 swap. Giant CCW 3-piece wheels (18x10.5" front, 18x11" rear) and a lot of rear frame reinforcement for an E36 style "dual ear mount" diff, with a Rogue finned diff cover. A built diff with a Quaife LSD.

Jason, Paul M and I went to Florida and back on a 36 hour non-stop round trip to get the car in Feb 2008. Since then the car has been essentially stripped down to the tub, being readied for the LS1 install, and now the drivetrain is going in.

Suspension needs major help (the old shocks are all blown and/or locked up, so they need to be rebuilt and replaced with ASTs). The brakes are a mess - some Wilwood lightweight stuff, but its all jacked up with some home-brew hard lines, a line lock, and more - that all needs to go. Jason has already relocated the ABS pump (its in the way of the LS1) and moved it under the dash, like in our Alpha car, and ditched the line lock. We're going to try to get him into a full RacingBrake Big Brake Kit (we'll be selling their wares soon) and then he can re-plumb all of the brakes correctly.

The interior has been pulled out and the sheet metal repainted. 2-tone steering wheel is FOR SALE.

The fuel tank is full of old fuel (which is now varnish) so it needs to be cleaned out thoroughly, a higher flow fuel pump installed (WalBro 255 lph should do it) and then all new fuel lines run.

LS1 Camaro engine going in

Jason found a complete, running Camaro LS1/T-56 last year - which was curiously enough installed in a 1996 Mustang Cobra - and he bought it for a good price. The transmission went through a quick rebuild and then he added a LS7 clutch and lightweight aluminum flywheel. He went a little crazy and bought an electric water pump and Katech idler (the anodized blue bits on front - its looks pretty baller). A new TurnOne "race" power steering pump (like the one we're using) is going on soon, as well as a new alternator, and then its ready to crank.

Yours truly, lining up the motor mounts

Last weekend I went over and helped him install the drivetrain using the Vorshlag/DP motor mounts and transmission crossmember kits. These went in with little effort (we had to dimple the trans tunnel slightly in 2 small places, no biggie - these parts were made for an E36 chassis after all) and everything line up perfectly. On Sunday I brought our Alpha car's headers by for a test fit and they went in perfectly as well.

L: VoMo/DP Trans crossmember fit great. R: So do the full length headers

So all he needs next is a custom driveshaft (VERY short), and the normal wiring and plumbing to get the car on the road. We're going to be pushing him to finish it this summer, so he doesn't missing another season of track and autocross events. The final weight should be under 2300 pounds (yikes!) so this will be a thrill ride, even with stock (340 whp) power levels. After its had some shake down runs it will get a full cage and some other upgrades, as needed.

Ready to be re-assembled and DRIVEN!

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