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  • Camera data and overlay info

    I put this together to send a couple people that were interested in what I and Terry use for video and data in the car.

    Links are to the manufacturer sites, but I believe I bought most of this from B&H in New York. Terry is using some additional mounts that he likes, but the one detailed below is the one I like and find it's easy to move from car to car, and adaptable to grab just about anything solid.

    In addition to the parts listed below, I also bought a 64gig memory card for it, about $30, and a $20 soft carry case for the camera, though Terry now has a huge stacker case for all the data and camera gear.!

    Here is the Dashware software. Buy the full version.

    Here is the standard AIM Solo timer and data acquisition, $399

    The version of the AIM Solo for OBDII data acquisition is $699. The rollbar mount is $40, or a RAM suction cup mount is $36.

    The helmet mic we are using is so-so and we will be upgrading soon. Maybe talk to Sampson Racing about helmet mics if you want one. I've used a lot of them for Rally and most are pretty poor. You might have better success with a non-motorsports version.

    This is the setup I've used on multiple cameras in cars, on bikes, traveling in 4x4 trucks, clamped to a body-rig or sometimes clamped to a fence or tree.

    The actual Super Clamp with the long tensioning handle. It's pretty cheap at $27.

    I use it with this adapter stud, which is unique to the clamp and is easy to remove when needed. The clamp has other threaded holes you can fasten stuff to, but this one makes it easy. $7 for this one.

    I've got a swivel ball head on mine. A sorta expensive one. There are cheaper ones out there, and they have slightly changed the version I have which I have been using since about 1995 or so. This one is very compact and is easy to tighten, loosen, and reposition. $60.

    For a camera we've recently moved to this Sony MV1, which is advertised as a "Music Video Camera". But I find that it works GREAT as an action or in-car camera. It's about $300 most places.

    I use this remote control with it, the VPR1. It's about $50.

    For in-car stuff, it's paired with two mics. One is a cheap in-helmet style, and another is routed under the hood for some engine or tire noise. That one has a wind sock on it. They are run through a duplex splitter so one records on the right channel and the other on the left channel. Then they can be faded into the mix as needed. For most people I'd just recommend a single in-helmet mic.
    No links for the mics, but here is the splitter I recently bought.

    We've also got a 12v power supply for it. Got it off ebay, so no links.