Project DANGERZONE Race Debut

After a week and a half long thrash we finished prepping our 2015 race season shop car, this 1992 Corvette shown below. We built this to compete in NASA’s TTC time trial class and are turning it into a dedicated race car with further development all year.

Our build thread is now posted on five forums (Vorshlag, corner-carvers, NASA Texas forums, GRM and SCCAforums) and you can catch up on the progress on any of those, or just click here to start the 3-part update added today.

This extensive post-race report post covers the debut event for this car. This update has dozens of pictures, videos, data and feedback from Terry after this NASA Texas event held at MSR-Houston a week ago. We also had two other TT drivers take a ride in the #DANGERZONE and they both enjoyed it immensely.

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