Ohlins R&T For Focus RS

After Ohlins announced the Focus RS addition to the Road and Track line we ordered and received the first kit in late 2018. Since then there have been a number of these sold and they are starting to ship with the complete system in January 2019. We have them listed here.

This Focus RS R&T kit includes everything needed to upgrade from the soft springs and OEM twin tube dampers from the 2016-18 Focus RS to proper monotube, inverted, adjustable coilovers. This kit has 4 corner ride height control and includes a matched set of springs made for the RS. There is an optional EDC cancellation kit also.

We have an optional Vorshlag camber-caster plate for the front, to make a good system even better. Track drivers, Time Trials, autocrossers – this is an option you want! The inverted Ohlins design makes for a short strut stem that can slide under the strut tower bulge for big camber and caster changes without any cutting the opening, too. But if you want to go further…

We make this strut tower cutting fixture for the 3rd gen Focus. This allows the small strut tower opening to be enlarged (with a hole saw that is aligned on this jig) for additional camber and caster travel with our camber plates.

If you own a Focus RS, call Vorshlag for all of your Focus RS suspension, wheel, and brake needs. We have worked with this chassis since the month it arrived in North America and have extensive track testing on multiple suspension setups for this chassis.

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