S550 Mustang Build Thread + Products Added

We have a massive 5-part forum build thread update on our S550 Mustang linked here. This was written in mid-December 2018, but we wanted to follow-up with this blog post now that the blog is back in January 2019.

In this update we cover 3 different track events (NASA TT, SCCA TT, Test day), test Hoosier A7 vs RE-71R back to back, install Öhlins USA R&T coilovers.

This series of posts also covers the install of a Mishimoto Automotive oil cooler + 3 external gauges (oil/diff/trans), show production S550 tow hooks and brake cooling solutions, and a trick for gaining inboard wheel room on this chassis.

Thanks for checking in – its a good read with lots of pictures and video!

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