E36 RHD LS Swap : Development Update!

Since our last post 6 weeks ago we have been utterly swamped in our service shop but we made time to continue the development work on the “Alpha” build for the LS swap kit for a RIGHT Hand Drive E36 chassis. This will be important to you Aussies, Kiwis, and Brits!

You can read the latest update to the R&D thread for the RHD E36 swap starting here. We started off by adding a number of items to the LS3 engine to make it fit the E36 chassis – and those parts have been added to our E36 LS swap products page already (some of the items fit both LHD and RHD E36 swaps – but not all).

Our E36 competition steering shaft was needed and fit, and the ABS relocation was also necessary. This was somewhat easier than the LHD cars – only 2 “jumper” hoses have to be made and no wiring rework. The unit moves up vertically to gain room for the full length exhaust headers.

Lots of time was spent locking down the driveline placement and the prototype motor mounts and transmission crossmember are built.

All of the work above was done first so we could tackle the hardest part – the long tube headers. These will be specific to the LHD swaps, of course. Again, you can read more here!

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