E46 Build Thread Update! New Front Aero on 330, JD Sold, 328i Work

The forum build thread for our BMW E46 “Daily Driven Track Car” project now has another 5 installments this month, which has grown to cover 4 different E46 cars.

A big chunk of the latest update covers the new front aero package we added to our NASA TTD prepped 330, above. We show the gory details behind the planning, the rules interpretation, and the fabrication of the splitter, the air dam, the M3 nose, tire walls, and more.

Another section shows the installation of HARD Motorsport brake inlet ducts, Powerbrake rotor rings, and the prototype brake cooling backing plates we developed for the E46 non-M chassis.

We wrap up the 5-part update with NASA race weekend coverage where things… didn’t go exactly as planned (the AMB timing system broke!) There was some good testing that came of that weekend, however. To wrap up the new posts we talk about dyno testing, classing points, and our plans for moving this car to TT4 – with a giant rear wing coming online in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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